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Aloware Talk 2 - Business Phone
Navigating Aloware Talk 2 Communications
Navigating Aloware Talk 2 Communications
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By default, Aloware Talk 2 Business phone will open to the Communications page, where you'll find a range of buttons and menus designed to simplify your communication tasks. Think of the inbox as your home page for customer communication.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll see:

  • User Avatar and Status Dropdown - Your profile initials and current status are displayed. Click the dropdown arrow to view your profile and modify your status.

  • Account Name - Your account's name is displayed for easy identification.

  • Current Status - Quickly check and modify your status from the dropdown menu.

  • Logout Button - Easily log out of your Aloware account when needed.

  • Search Bar - Swiftly search for specific contacts or messages.

  • Inbox Tasks - Categorize your communications by status, including "Open," "Pending," and "Closed."

  • My Contacts - Display contacts assigned to you.

  • Sort button - Arrange communications by Newest or Oldest.

  • Inbox - Displays all communications in Aloware.

  • Inbox, Contacts, and Phone buttons - Easily switch between communication channels.

Learn what's in the Inbox menu in this article.

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