How to Configure Aloware and Pipedrive Syncing Settings

Aloware and Pipedrive sync: two-way for contacts, one-way for users/leads, auto-updates calls/deals, easy push/pull settings.

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Setting Up Pipedrive with Aloware

Once you've connected Aloware with Pipedrive, you'll need to enable the sync. Aloware's syncing feature will perform a one-time pull that includes the following:

Two-way Contacts Syncing

Synchronizing your contacts between Aloware and Pipedrive requires a one-time configuration. This connection allows you to access your Pipedrive contacts within Aloware. These platforms will stay linked and share information continuously.

The following are syncing simultaneously on both platforms:

  1. Contacts

  2. Call Disposition

  3. Call Status

  4. Deals

  5. Stages

Contacts: Push and Pull Sync

Contacts are automatically added when you create them in either Aloware or Pipedrive.

  1. Push contacts - Click the "Push Contacts" button once, and contacts added in Aloware will sync to Pipedrive.

  2. Pull contacts - All Pipedrive contacts will sync to Aloware. If you add contacts in Pipedrive, they will automatically sync with Aloware.

    The following contact's basic information is synced simultaneously on both platforms:

    • Aloware Contact

    • Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email Address

    • Contact Owner

Users can view the synced information in the contact's integration card on the contact profile.

Additionally, Aloware syncs the following fields:

  • Deals - Aloware displays the Deals associated with the contact. To link a deal to a contact in Pipedrive, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Deals" tab in your Pipedrive account.

    2. Click the "+" button for your chosen deal stage, and the contact's name should autocomplete.

    3. Sync contacts by clicking the "Sync Contact" button in your Aloware account.

The deal will automatically be added to the Pipedrive Card of the contact. If you were already viewing the contact in Aloware when you added the Deal, click the "Sync Contact" button to pull the deal updates.

Ensure that the "Don't update contact information" option in the Integration's menu > Pipedrive card is disabled.

  • Call Disposition - Call Dispositions associated with the contact are synced in Pipedrive.

  • Contact Activities - Activities linked to the contact are displayed in Pipedrive.

  • App Panel - Pipedrive users can view a card with Aloware information about a contact.

One-way Sync: Connecting Pipedrive Users to Aloware

Aloware's Pipedrive integration can sync your users when you click "Connect Pipedrive Users to Aloware." Here's how:

  1. Create a user in Aloware with the same email as your Pipedrive user account.

  2. Continue the configuration by clicking the "Connect Pipedrive Users to Aloware" button.

Once the user syncing process is completed, the Aloware admin will receive a confirmation email notification.

One-way Sync: Pulling Deal Stages from Pipedrive

Clicking "Pull Deal Stages from Pipedrive" updates the deal stages or status in all contacts pulled from Pipedrive. Here's how:

  1. When you add deals in Pipedrive, Aloware syncs the contact's status.

  2. Continue the configuration by clicking the "Connect to Pipedrive Users to Aloware" button.

  3. Aloware will display the stage associated with a contact.

The Aloware admin will receive an email notification confirming the successful syncing of stages.

Default Settings

Don't forget to click the "Save" button at the bottom right of the Pipedrive Settings interface after making any changes. If you want to revert to the default options, simply click the "Reset" button next to the "Save" button.

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