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To enhance user experience and streamline our services, Aloware has implemented changes to its billing cycle. All subscription products now renew on the first day of each month.

Example of Adjustments

Let's illustrate this change with an example: If you have a $100 subscription that previously renewed on the 22nd of each month, approximately two-thirds into the calendar month, your subscription would have been prorated by $33, or one-third of the total amount, during the transition period.

Metered Products

Metered products that utilize Aloware credits are not subject to a renewal date; however, auto-recharge will now be mandatory in order to use these products in excess of your current credit balance.
For more information on Aloware plans and rates, please consult this article.
Your organization's specific plan information and invoices can be accessed from a billing administrator's account via Aloware > and navigating to the Account Settings > Billing tab.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply directly to this thread with your inquiries.

Thank you for being a valued Aloware client.

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