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This lightweight app automatically updates from the newest version. The desktop app mirrors the Web app and has an easy-to-use interface. Plus, you can customize it to your needs.

The Desktop App Settings

  • Audio Source Settings
    The Aloware desktop app lets you choose the devices for your calls. This setting is handy if you have an additional mic or speakers on your desktop. You can select what device you want to use as your input or output, and you are ready.

    Audio Aloware

    The Audio Source settings also have a tool to test your output device. Select the Output device you want to use, and click the Test Output Device.

    Audio Aloware

  • My Settings
    My Settings manages your personalized settings and preferences.

    • Focus Mode: lets you filter out contacts not assigned to you.

      Focus Mode Aloware

    • Go to available after login: automatically puts you into available status right after logging in.

      Go to available Aloware
  • Notifications
    Notifications contain your notification settings.

    • Calls: let you know about incoming calls.

      Notifications Aloware

    • Voicemails: notify you of voicemails that you receive.

    • Text Messages: notify you when you receive text messages.

    • Contacts: let you know of your assigned contacts.

  • Information
    In the information, you will find details such as:

    • Username

    • Company

    • Service Code

  • About
    You can find the version of the Aloware App you are using under About.

  • Send Us Feedback
    For comments and suggestions, you can send us your feedback. We would be happy to oblige.

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