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Enhance Your Sales Process with Aloware's Integration Features for Pipedrive

Aloware integrates with Pipedrive for better customer interaction and sales tracking. Features: click-to-call, SMS, call routing, auto lead creation, real-time analytics, and customizable workflows.

Aloware is a cloud-based call center software that allows businesses to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and manage customer data. Pipedrive is a sales pipeline that closes deals more efficiently. When integrated, Aloware and Pipedrive can provide a comprehensive solution for managing customer interactions and tracking sales activities.

Here are some of the key integration features:

  1. Click-to-call feature and call logging

    Aloware allows you to make calls directly from Pipedrive with a single click and automatically logs the call details in Pipedrive.

  2. SMS and Bulk Messaging Integration

    Aloware can send and receive SMS messages directly from Pipedrive, allowing you to easily communicate with customers and prospects.

  3. Call Routing and IVR

    Aloware call routing and IVR features can be configured to integrate with Pipedrive, ensuring that incoming calls are routed to the appropriate salesperson or team.

  4. Automatic lead creation

    Aloware can automatically create new leads in Pipedrive when a new call or SMS message is received from an unknown number.

  5. Real-time call analytics

    Aloware provides real-time call analytics that can be viewed directly in Pipedrive, allowing you to track call volume, duration, and other key metrics.

  6. Customizable workflows

Aloware's integration with Pipedrive allows you to create custom workflows and automation to streamline your sales process and improve efficiency.

Overall, the integration between Aloware and Pipedrive provides a powerful solution for managing customer interactions and tracking sales activities, allowing businesses to improve their sales performance and close more deals.