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How Aloware's Integration with Gong Can Benefit Your Business

Integrate Aloware and Gong for streamlined communication and sales processes. Features include automatic call transcriptions, real-time data and user sync, and click-to-call for outbound calls.

Aloware and Gong are both platforms designed to help you streamline your communication and sales processes. While Gong focuses on conversation analytics, Aloware helps you manage and track calls and communication with customers.

Here are some key features of the Gong and Aloware integration:

  1. Automatic Call Transcriptions

    All calls made in Aloware are synced to Gong and transcribed for analysis. This allows you to identify patterns in the conversation and make data-driven decisions to improve sales performance.

  2. Real-time Data and Users Sync

    This integration ensures that all inbound and outbound Aloware calls are synced with Gong. Gong allows you to quickly access call history, contact information, recordings, and transcripts.

  3. Click-to-Call for Outbound calls

    This integration enables you to use Aloware to make outbound calls directly from Gong using its click-to-call feature.