How HubSpot and Aloware Integration Works: Syncing and Updating Contacts

Integrate HubSpot with Aloware to sync contacts, users, lead statuses, and call outcomes. Ensure accurate data and track SMS/call activities in HubSpot for better customer engagement.

Integrating HubSpot with Aloware can greatly streamline your contact management and enhance your customer relationship management efforts. By syncing and updating your HubSpot contacts and lists within Aloware, you can ensure that your sales and marketing teams have access to the most up-to-date information.

In this article, we will explain the various sync functions available and guide you through the configuration process.

How to Sync and Update HubSpot Contacts and Lists

Once the integration between HubSpot and Aloware is successfully established, you can proceed with configuring your syncing settings.

There are four (4) sync functions available, each serving a specific purpose:

Two-way Sync Contacts

  • Push Contacts - To update your contacts from Aloware to your HubSpot account, simply click the "Push Contacts" button.

  • Pull Contacts - To update your contacts from HubSpot to your Aloware account, click the "Pull Contacts" button.

The following contact fields are pulled to Aloware:

    • Contact Name

    • Email Address

    • Contact Owner - If the user made a change of contact ownership in HubSpot and does not reflect in Aloware, click the Pull button to update

    • Phone Number

If you notice any discrepancies or incorrect field mappings in the contacts' profiles, you can customize the appropriate fields in Aloware and HubSpot using the contact property mapping feature. This allows you to ensure accurate and consistent data synchronization between the two platforms.

For example, if you find that the Job Title field in HubSpot is pulled as City in Aloware, you can modify the field mapping in the contact property mapping settings to correct this discrepancy.

Screenshot: HubSpot Field Mapping Discrepancy in Aloware

  • One-way Sync Users

    Clicking the "Sync Users" button allows you to establish a one-way sync for your users. This ensures that the current users in Aloware are synced with HubSpot, eliminating the need to create new users.

If you notice a discrepancy in the contact owners between HubSpot and Aloware, it may be due to the admin providing a different name in Aloware compared to HubSpot. Please ensure that the contact owner names are accurately matched in both platforms for seamless synchronization.

  • Pull Lead Statuses

    This function pulls your HubSpot lead statuses and synchronizes them with Aloware as Contact disposition statuses. By pulling the lead statuses, you can ensure consistency and alignment between the two platforms.

  • Pull Call Outcomes

    The "Pull Call Outcomes" button retrieves your HubSpot call outcomes and syncs them with Aloware as call dispositions. This synchronization ensures that the call dispositions recorded in HubSpot are accurately reflected in Aloware, allowing for seamless tracking and management of call outcomes.

Sample successful pulled call outcomes:


Once you initiate the syncing process, Aloware will run the queue and send you a confirmation email upon completion. This confirmation email serves as a notification that the sync has been successfully processed. Remember, this configuration only needs to be done once, as Aloware will automatically keep your contacts and information in sync from that moment onwards.


In addition to the integration features mentioned earlier, Aloware provides additional settings that enhance the functionality of the HubSpot integration.

  • Log text messages as SMS activity

    When you send SMS messages using Aloware, this setting allows the messages to be logged as SMS activity in HubSpot. This ensures that all communication history is accurately recorded and easily accessible within your HubSpot account.

    • Discrepancy in SMS Activity Log

      In the provided screenshot, the contact received three SMS messages in Aloware, but only two SMS activities are reflected in HubSpot due to the setting being disabled. By enabling this feature, all SMS messages will be accurately logged as separate activities.

Sample screenshot: Discrepancy in SMS Activity Logging

  • Send call events (Beta)

    This setting enables the sending of call events from Aloware to HubSpot. By activating this feature, you can capture call data and activities in HubSpot, providing a comprehensive view of your customer interactions across both platforms. Please note that this feature is currently in beta and may undergo further enhancements and improvements.

By effectively syncing and updating your HubSpot contacts within Aloware, you can optimize your contact management processes and empower your sales and marketing teams with accurate and up-to-date information. Follow the provided guide to configure the sync functions and leverage the integration to streamline your operations and enhance customer engagement.