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How to Make Outbound Calls in Aloware Talk

In Aloware Talk, you can make calls through Quick Access, Communications menu, Contacts menu, or Power Dialer. Select a line, choose a contact, enter a number, and click "Call." Set a default outbound line in Settings for convenience.

You can make calls in Aloware Talk when you enter the number or open the contact from the Communications menu, Contacts menu, and Power Dialer.

  • Via Quick Access

    1. To initiate a call, click on the phone icon and select the desired line.
    2. You can then choose a contact from your list or manually enter the number.
    3. Click on the "Call" button to connect.
  • From the Communications menu

    Users can make a call to contacts through the different channels in the communications menu.

    In this example, we will navigate through the Inbox menu.

    1. Navigate to the Inbox menu. You can browse and select the contact or use the search function to find the specific contact.

    2. Click the call icon and proceed to the call.
    3. Select Line and click Call to connect.

    4. The dial pad will display when connecting the call.

  • From the Contacts in Inbox Channels

    1. To access the Contacts menu, go to the Channels section and click on "Contacts". From there, you can easily browse through your contacts or use the search function to find a specific contact.

    2. Choose the contact you want to call, then follow steps 2 to 4 in the Communications Menu to initiate the call.

  • From the Contacts Menu

    1. Select the contact you want to call.
    2. In the Actions column, click Call.

Setting a Default Number for Outbound Calls

You no longer need to assign a default outbound line each time you make a call.

  1. Log in to your Aloware Talk account and go to Settings.

  2. In the Outbound Line option, choose the specific Line you wish to use for outbound calling.

  3. Make sure to save your selection by clicking the Save button.