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Enhance Contact Engagement with Mentions and Notes in Aloware Talk

You can use notes in Aloware Talk to tailor calls, avoid repetition, and mention other users for team collaboration. Mentioning a user triggers email notifications. View mentions in the Communications page.

Notes help you avoid repeating yourself on calls and allow you to tailor calls to your contact's needs. The system will enable you to mention another user during a contact engagement. 

Mentioning a user directs attention to the activity assigned to them and can keep the team informed of the status of an issue.

Mentioning a User

  1. Select a contact in Aloware Talk and type "@" plus the User's name to mention them and add your note.

  2. Clicking Add Note will automatically record your note in your contact's message history. 

  3. The user you mentioned will also receive an email notification.

Viewing the Received and Sent Mentions

  1. Navigate to the Communications page and go to the Mentions channel.

  2. The Received tab contains notes that mention you.

  3. The Sent tab contains the notes you made that mention other users.