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Power Up Your Outbound Calls with Aloware Talk's Power Dialer

Power Dialer in Aloware lets users call contacts sequentially. Add contacts, start a session, and customize settings. View details, record calls, and export contacts as CSV files.

What is a Power Dialer?

The power dialer allows users to call a list of contacts one by one, which guarantees that no contacts are missed. Users who call using power dialers will always be present the moment a customer answers their phone call.

So, how does the Power Dialer work?

Power Dialer calls the next phone number on the contact list automatically if it reaches a contact who is busy, unattended, or disconnected.

Businesses with a lot of prospects or contacts to call each day are advised to use it.

How to Make a Call using Power Dialer in Aloware Talk

As a user, you can make a call using Power Dialer by

Step 1: How to Add Contacts to Power Dialer

  1. Add via Power Dialer button
    1. Sign in to your Aloware Talk Account and go to the Contacts page.
    2. Select the Contact you want to add to the Power Dialer.
    3. On the communication log, click Add to Power Dialer.
    4. Customize your task settings in the Power Dialer Task Options window and click OK. This will add the contact to your My Queue List.
  2. Select Contacts & Add to List
    1. Log in to Aloware Talk and go to Power Dialer. Click Add Contacts and select Select Contacts & Add to List.
    2. Under My Queue, select a contact you want to add and click Add Selected Contact.
    3. Customize task options in Power Dialer and add the contact to the queue.
  3. Add Contact List to Power Dialer
    1. Create from Existing Contacts List
      • Click the Power Dialer menu on the left panel.
      • In the Power Dialer Lists section, click the + icon to add a list.

      • Select contacts from the list and click Create.

      • Adjust your settings in Power Dialer Options, then click OK.

    2. Create a new list and select contacts
      • Click the Power Dialer button on the left panel.

      • In the Power Dialer Lists, click the + button > Select List.

      • Select "Create New Lists and select Contacts".

      • Name your list and click "Create".

      • Your newly created list will appear on the left-side panel in the Power Dialer Lists section.

      • Click "Add Contacts" and select "Select Contacts and Add to List".

      • Select the contacts from your list and click "Add Selected Contacts".

      • After configuring your settings in Power Dialer Tasks Options, click OK. This will successfully add your contacts to the list.

    3. Import from HubSpot
      • You can create a contact list from HubSpot. Go to the Power Dialer menu.

      • Click the + button in the Power Dialer list section.

      • Select List and select "Import from Integration".

      • Select from the available list. "Import From Integration" will show the currently enabled integration.

      • Click Next.

      • Configure your Power Dialer options. Please wait a moment for contacts to load; they will appear in your Power Dialer interface.

The Power Dialer Task Options

  1. Conversion Options

    • Turn multiple numbers into separate tasks

      • This option allows you to convert multiple phone numbers associated with a contact into individual tasks. Each number becomes a separate task for efficient calling.

    • Prevent duplicate phone numbers

      • By default, this setting ensures that contacts with the same phone numbers are not added repeatedly to avoid redundancy in your call list.

    • Add international phone numbers

      • You can use this option to include international phone numbers in your contact tasks, expanding your reach beyond local calls.

  2. Where do you want to add these tasks?

    • In queue (default option) - Select this option to add tasks to the call queue for immediate dialing.

    • Scheduled - Select this option if you wish to schedule these tasks for future contact, allowing you to plan your calling activities effectively.

Step 2: Start the Power Dialing Session

  1. Click the Start Dialing button once you are satisfied with the list of contacts you have selected.

  2. Session Settings appear to configure functions before your power dialing session.

    • New - Use this option to save new session settings.

    • Personal Section - Contains saved session settings.

    • Company Section - Admin-created settings accessible to your teams.

      powerdialer power dialer aloware talk
    • Basics

      • Line - Select the line for making calls.

      • Skip Outside Daytime Hours - Automatically avoids contacting outside of business hours.

      • Warm-up Period - Customize the time interval before the dialer proceeds to the next call.

      • Phone Script - The script will be visible during the poser dialing session.

    • Customizations

      • Set Call Disposition Shortcuts - Users can establish shortcuts for call outcome statuses.

      • Set Contact Disposition Shortcuts - Users can define shortcuts for contact status.

      • Set Session Metrics - Define metrics to evaluate call performance.

      • Set VM Drop Shortcuts - Enable users to efficiently use voicemail.

  3. Click the Save button to save your settings, which will be displayed under the Personal Section.

  4. Click the Begin Dialing button to start your Power Dialing session.

    Screenshot of a Power Dialing Session image-png-Feb-09-2024-03-42-35-1466-PM

During the Power Dialing Session

Once the power dialing session starts, the contact profile will display all the details that an agent needs to effectively handle the call:

  1. Session Panel

    • Stats

      • Duration - displays the total time duration of the power dialing session.

      • Contacts - displays the number of contacts called vs the total number of contacts on the list.

      • New

      • In Progress - displays the contact that is currently on-call.

      • In Queue - displays the contact next to the call.

      • Called - displays the contacts who are successfully called.

      • Failed - displays the contacts who have not completed the call.

      • Scheduled - displays the contacts who are scheduled to call.

      • All - shows all contacts that are enrolled in Power Dialer.

    • Disposition

      • Call Disposition - The user states the output of the call.

      • Contact Disposition - The user assigns the output of the contact status.

      • Voicemail

    • Power Dialing Task Status

      • Call Task Status - displays the current and call duration.

      • Call Function - The user can manually select the functions to hold or end the current call and move to the next.

        • Hold - to keep the call on hold.

        • Next - hang up the current call and begin calling the next task.

      • Contact Information - shows the contact's basic information; name, location, task list.

      • Recording Status - depends on user settings, calls can be automatically recorded.

      • Pause Session - this temporarily stops the power dialing session to automatically proceed to the next call.

      • End Session - ends the power dialing session or the task list.

    • Details - This tab displays a comprehensive view of a contact's personal information, including essential details like name, address, email, and other relevant data for identifying and understanding the contact.

      • Scripts

      • CRM view details

      • Sequence
      • All Numbers

      • Tags

      • Notes

      • Integrations

      • Scheduled Messages
      • Activity Counts
      • Lines
      • Contact Ring Groups
      • Broadcast
    • Activity - Displays the contact's communication activity as seen from the Contacts menu.

    • CRM View - Displays HubSpot iFrame within the Power Dialing Session.

Adding Contacts to a Live Power Dialing Session

Even during an active Power Dialing session, you can add contacts easily:

  1. Right-click the Power Dialer menu and choose "Open Link in New Tab".

  2. In the new browser tab, you'll be taken to the My Queue page.

  3. Follow the Step 1 to add contacts.

  4. Once added, your contacts will appear at the top or bottom of the list.

Redialing in Power Dialer

You can click the redial button in the Power dialer, which will skip the current call and move the contact to the bottom of the current list.

A single contact can only be redialed once per session to avoid an infinite loop of redialing.

powerdialer power dialer aloware talk

Configuring Data Columns in Power Dialer

  1. Click the three-dot menu and select "Edit Columns".

  2. A pop-up titled "Manage my Queue Columns" will appear. Here, you can define which fields to display on the Power Dialer dashboard.

  3. All selected fields will appear in the "Selected Columns Panel."

  4. Select from various field columns the data you need to see during the Power Dialing session. You can select from:

    • Default Information - The user may select from the basic contact information available.

      • Date Added - Shows the date when the contact was added to Aloware.

      • Date of Birth

      • Email Address

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Phone Number - by default, Alo Talk displays the contact's phone number.

      • All Phone Numbers

      • TCPA Approved

    • Contact Location - this section displays the contact's location data.

      • Address

      • City

      • Country

      • State

      • Zip Code

      • Timezone

    • Contact Relevance - provides other relevant contact information.

      • Broadcast - displays contacts that are enrolled in Broadcast.

      • Lines - displays the Lines where the contact is connected.

      • Company Name

      • Contact Lists

      • Contact Owner

      • Initial Line

      • Intake Source

      • Lead Source

      • Ring Groups

      • Tags

      • Task Status

      • Website

    • Contact Communication Metadata - displays contact communication data.

      • Number of Communications

      • Contact Disposition

      • Inbound Calls

      • Inbound Texts

      • Last Engagement

      • Last Inbound Engagement

      • Last Outbound Engagement

      • Outbound Calls

      • Outbound Texts

      • Unread Missed Calls

      • Unread Messages

      • Unread Voicemails

Once you apply the queue column fields, this should be displayed in the dashboard. Users can still change their places.

Exporting Contact List in Power Dialer

  1. In your Aloware Talk account, navigate to Power Dialer.

  2. On the Power Dialer List, select the list that you want to export.

  3. Click the three-dotted option and select Export as CSV.

  4. Depending on the number of contacts in your list, a notification displays at the bottom of your screen.

  5. Once the Power Dialer list export is available, click Download.

  6. Save your list.

Screenshot of downloaded Power Dialer List.