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Reasons for SMS/Fax Sending Failures in Aloware

Learn about rejection reasons for failed SMS and fax communications, including insufficient credits, DNC lists, and other common issues.

You may experience unsuccessful sending of SMS and fax to contacts. To help you identify the issues related to the failed sending status, below are the rejection reasons.

These communications will not be sent to the carriers.

To know the rejection reasons for SMS or Fax communications,

  1. In your message box, hover your mouse over the message, or click the exclamation icon.

  2. The communication info will be displayed.

  3. You may check the current status and notes of the error as listed below.

Rejection Reasons:

  1. Could not route: account doesn't have enough credits. Please recharge your account or contact support. Check notes for more information.

  2. You cannot send an SMS to an anonymous contact.

  3. Unable to send SMS. SMS traffic is blocked by Twilio.

  4. Error while sending SMS to lead. The phone number is not messaging enabled.

  5. Error while sending SMS to lead. A message body is required.

  6. Unable to send SMS. The line is deleted.

  7. Unable to send SMS. The line is paused.

  8. Unable to send SMS. The contact is DNC.

  9. Unable to send SMS. The company is not enabled.

  10. The contact phone number is international.

  11. We can't send a fax from a not fax-capable number.