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September 2023 A2P 10DLC Compliance Update for Businesses with Unregistered Campaigns

On September 1st, Twilio, Aloware's carrier, enforced A2P 10DLC regulations. Unregistered SMS lines were temporarily moved to another provider. Assistance is available for full compliance. Click for registration details.

As of September 1st, Aloware's primary carrier, Twilio, no longer allows any type of SMS traffic from lines not tied to a Registered and Verified Campaign by A2P 10DLC regulations.

In our effort to assist customers who have not yet registered or whose campaigns are still pending or have been rejected, and therefore would be blocked, we have temporarily moved your number to another SMS provider.

To clarify, this is a temporary measure.

This specific carrier has a later deadline from North American telecommunications providers for blocking unverified messages but will require full registration for compliance.

This process may take additional time to complete on the carrier's end, but your account has been sent over, and we are patiently waiting for them to fulfill our request.

In the meantime, we want to help you continue working with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) and our Carrier Operations teams to submit or update your campaign as soon as possible.

For a full registration guide, click here.