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Smart Call Transcription with Aloware's Smart Transcriber: Overview and Benefits

Aloware Smart Transcription converts call recordings to text, allowing easy review, categorization, and keyword detection. It enhances customer service and provides valuable insights.

Call monitoring is a standard part of many businesses with the overall goal of providing a great customer service experience.

However, call recordings alone as a call monitoring tool are not a comprehensive solution because...

  • listening to a large number of calls is tedious and time-consuming

  • inconsistent understanding of important topics and concerns

  • requires manual work for referencing specific recordings

  • no aggregate reporting or tracking

Aloware Smart Transcription allows you to convert your calls to text. The tool allows you to

  • transcribe call recordings accurately

  • organize the information of the call

  • automatically categorize the call

  • tag, detect, and highlight keywords within the call

  • provide an overall impression of the call

Smart Transcription transcribes calls with a call duration greater than 15 seconds.

Enabling Smart Transcription

There are two (2) ways to enable Smart Transcription in Aloware Admin.

  1. From the Users menu

  2. From the Account menu

Enable Smart Transcription from the Users menu

To enable Smart Transcription, follow these steps:

  1. Select the user from the Users menu to configure the settings.
  2. To enable the Smart Transcription feature, go to the Personalization tab and toggle the switch. This will activate the feature specifically for the selected user.

    Enable Smart Transcription from the Accounts menu

    1. Navigate to the Accounts menu > Transcription Settings tab.

    2. Enable the call transcription. Enabling the Smart Transcription activates the feature for all users.

    Setting up your Smart Transcription

    1. Enabling call transcription - Enabling call transcription allows users to review call recordings using transcribed text, improving customer service, training, and compliance monitoring.

    2. Minimum Talk-Time - Smart Transcription transcribes calls between 15 seconds and 5 minutes. For longer calls, contact Aloware support to discuss adjusting the duration limit to meet your unique requirements.

    3. Custom Keywords - Improve transcriptions by adding industry-specific terms and phrases to tailor them to your business's needs for more relevant insights.

    4. Custom Dictionary
    5. Automatic Redaction - Smart Transcription automatically removes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as phone numbers and social security numbers, from the transcription text before it is stored on Aloware.

      Here is the list of redacted words in Aloware's Smart Transcription:



      Blood type

      Blood type (A, B, AB, O)

      Credit card (CVV)

      3 or 4-digit CVV (security) code on a credit card

      Credit Card Expiration

      The expiration date of a credit card

      Credit Card Number

      Complete credit card numbers


      Dates like "July 3rd, 2020" or "August 8."

      Date of Birth


      Drug or Medicines

      Medical drugs, including vitamins and minerals. E.g., Advil, Acetaminophen, Panadol.

      Email address

      Email addresses


      Names of events


      Human injury, e.q., I broke my arm, I have a sprained wrist. Including mutations, miscarriages, and dislocations.


      Language names like "French" or "Spanish."


      Location names like "Antarctica" or "Mexico."

      Medical Condition

      A medical condition. Including diseases, syndromes, deficits, and disorders. E.g., chronic fatigue syndrome, arrhythmia, and depression.

      Medical Process

      Medical process, including treatments, procedures, and tests, e.g., "heart surgery," "CT scan."

      Money Amount

      Dollar amounts like "30 dollars" or "$10.99."


      Origins and nationalities like "American," "Asian," or "Caucasian."

      Number Sequence

      A "lazy" rule that will redact any sequence of numbers equal to or greater than 2.


      Professions/occupations like "scientist" or "doctor."


      Organization names like "CNN" or "University of Alaska."

      Person Age

      Age of a person like "75" or "21."

      Person Name

      Names like "Bob" and "Doug Jones"

      Phone Number

      Phone numbers

      Political Affiliation

      US political parties like "Democrat" or "Republican."


      Names of religions like "Judaism" or "Catholic."

      US Social Security Number

      Full 9-digit US Social Security Numbers

    6. Sensitive Content Moderation - By default, Smart Transcription will provide an accurate transcription of the audio, which means that any profanity spoken in the audio will be included in the transcript. Enable this option to substitute asterisks for profanity.

    Review Transcribed Calls

    When you end a call, Aloware automatically starts to convert your call recordings to text (>15 seconds).

    To review the call transcription,

    1. To access the transcriptions, go to the Dashboard and click on the Transcription Tab.

    2. Navigate to the Transcription History section, and select the specific communication you want to review.

    3. To view the transcription, simply click on the Transcription icon.

    Smart Transcription Analysis Page

    Smart Transcription helps in analyzing the call by identifying keywords, overall call impression, and categorizing what the call is about.

    Screenshot of Smart Transcription Page

    1. Sentiment - displays the tone of the conversation for the speaker.
      1. Positive
      2. Negative
      3. Neutral
    2. Audio recording - you can play the recorded audio from the Smart Transcription page.
    3. Categories - classifies the call according to the subjects in the discussion. the categories are automatically generated by the AI.
    4. Highlights - Smart transcription reads important words for specific reasons, from the tone of utterance to grammatical importance. It is much easier to follow a conversation while reading.
    5. Custom Keywords Frequency - identifies keywords by each speaker under specific categories.
    6. Overall Sentiment and Transcribed Call - Smart Transcription detects the sentiment of each sentence of speech spoken in your audio files in full call transcription, color, and speaker identification. It also returns a result of Positive, Negative, or Neutral for each dialog in the transcript.
    7. Talk Time - Smart Transcription defines the talk time of the call between the agent and the contact.