Switching to Aloware: The Former Aircall User's Onboarding Guide

Welcome to Aloware! Transition from Aircall with our simple SMS, robust contact center solutions, dependable uptime, 24/7 support, and clear billing for a seamless, productive experience.

Welcome to Aloware! We're excited to have you on board, but before we begin, here are a few features you might find beneficial as a former Aircall user.

  1. Fully accessible and convenient SMS experience

  2. All-in-one Contact Center solution

  3. 99.99% uptime and 24/7 support

  4. Phenomenal international coverage and self-service subscriptions

#1. Fully accessible and convenient SMS experience

SMS is an excellent way to communicate with your contacts. It is simple to use and accessible to everyone. By sending SMS to your contacts, you ensure they get an active and positive customer experience. It gives businesses the freedom and convenience to reach out to leads and customers. It offers pertinent product information, updates, and promotions. Your customers are more likely to read SMS than emails when you send them.

Unlike Aircall, Aloware lets you experience a fully accessible and convenient SMS experience without the need for additional SMS integration. You can send a text almost anywhere on the platform.

How to Send SMS Via Quick Access in Aloware Talk

  1. At the top right of the page, click the phone icon.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk
  2. Click Message to switch to messaging.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk
  3. Select which Line you would like to use.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk
  4. Enter a contact's name or phone number.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk
  5. Please type in your Message in the message box.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk
  6. After you have finished writing your Text, click Send.

    Send SMS in Aloware Talk

You can read about How to Send Text (SMS) Messages in Aloware Talk.

SMS Dispositions

Aloware automatically assigns dispositions for Passive Communications, which users can't modify or change. Aloware defines these based on the routing status of the communication.

Default dispositions include:

  • In-progress

  • Completed

  • Failed

  • Invalid

    Aloware Call and Contact Dispositions

Click here to read more about Contact, Call, and SMS Dispositions.

#2. All-in-one Contact Center solution

Besides texting and calling, Aloware has more ways to engage and communicate with your contacts. It includes contact engagement features like

  1. Set appointments

  2. Create SMS workflows using Sequence

  3. Send emails

  4. Add notes

Setting an Appointment

  1. Clicking the appointment button will set up an appointment with your contact.

    Aloware Setting an Appointment
  2. You can set an SMS notification to remind the user of the scheduled appointment.

    Aloware Setting an Appointment

Use Sequence to Create SMS workflows

  1. Go to Sequence -> Steps tab, and click the +Add Step.

    Aloware Sequence
  2. Select Send SMS Message from the list of Sequence Step Types that allows you to send an automatic text message to the enrolled contacts.

    Aloware Sequence
  3. Setup your SMS Messaging:

    1. Select the Delay time from the previous step and this current step.

      Aloware Sequence
      1. No Delay - the current step will take action right after the last step.

        Aloware Sequence
      2. Default Delay - select the duration in minutes, hours, or days.

        Aloware Sequence
      3. Time of Day - select the delay in days and the time of this current step in the process.

        Aloware Sequence
    2. Create your personalized text message within the 160-character limit.

      Aloware Sequence
      1. Click the Add Step button to save the sequence.

Send Emails

Users can also send emails to contacts with email information in their records.

Aloware Sending Emails

Add Notes

Notes prevent you from repeating yourself on calls and let you tailor calls to your contacts' needs.

Aloware Adding Notes

For more information about Contact Engagement Features in Aloware Talk, click here.

#3. 99.99% uptime and 24/7 support

With Aloware, your team has the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, even within your CRM platform. Besides the cloud-based platform, you can also use your smartphone or desktop to send a message or hop on a phone call within the Aloware app. You will receive access to 24/7 customer support as a valued customer. Our technical support team is available to understand any issues and help resolve them.

We built Aloware with remote-first in mind, knowing that as a service, Aloware needed to maintain the highest uptime possible. You can check Aloware’s uptime here, which is consistently above 99.9% or greater.

Aloware Support Page

The Aloware Support page hosts a vast collection of knowledge-based articles dedicated to helping you each step of the way. This collection contains dozens of articles that explain even the most technical aspects of Aloware in simple and easy-to-follow terms.

Aloware Chatbot

Aloware Chatbox allows you to communicate with our helpful representatives, who are eager to answer your questions and ensure you have an incredible experience with our platform.

To access the Aloware Chatbot, click the Chat icon at the bottom left of the Aloware support page.1-Jan-22-2024-03-30-04-3854-PM

To visit the Aloware Support page, click here.

Besides the support page, you can also access the Chatbot inside the Aloware platform itself.

Aloware Chatbot

Phenomenal international coverage and self-service subscriptions

Aloware provides global coverage and self-service subscriptions. You'll be able to know your fees and volume ahead of time. Aloware's uPro plan also includes unlimited inbound and outbound calling.

Usage Dashboard

The usage dashboard displays how the organization utilizes the Aloware plan to which it has subscribed. It provides a quick overview of how much you spend on various types of communication.

Usage Dashboard

As a new Aloware user, we hope you find such features to be the most useful. We at Aloware are committed to providing you with an exceptional contact center experience you will not find anywhere else. We trust that the information above improved your understanding of our features and how to use them.

We want your move to Aloware to be as smooth and effective as possible. To help you transition from Aircall to Aloware even further, here is an outline of our onboarding process.

Again, thank you for choosing Aloware, and welcome!

We are excited to work with you.