Synchronizing Gong Users and Workspaces with Aloware Talk

Link Aloware with Gong to sync workspaces and users. Select a Gong workspace, allowing Aloware to sync users and share call information. Sync completion is confirmed by email, with call analysis in Gong.

Syncing Gong Workspace and Users with Aloware

You can synchronize your workspace and users after successfully integrating your Aloware and Gong accounts.

  1. Synchronize your Workspace Settings

    • Select one of your Gong workspaces to integrate with Aloware.

  2. Synchronize your users

    • Aloware will sync your Gong users. This will allow us to send out call information and assign it to the appropriate Gong user.

    • Once the syncing is complete, you will receive an email.

      Aloware call screenshot analyzed in Gong