The Complete Guide to Authenticating Gong and Aloware

Integrate Gong with Aloware for sales call analytics. Prerequisites: Admin access, matching emails. In Aloware, go to Integrations, select Gong, authenticate, sync users, and configure settings.

Connect Gong with Aloware

Gong is a conversation analytics platform that transcribes all sales calls and meetings. It uses AI to analyze and understand conversations in real-time, providing insights and recommendations. 

Integrating Gong and Aloware can provide businesses with a more complete picture of their sales processes and customer interactions. By combining Aloware analytics with Gong analytics, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your sales performance.

Integration Prerequisites

  • Only Admins can enable the Aloware and Gong integration.

  • Aloware user's email should be the same as Gong's username/ email account.

Authenticating Gong with Aloware

  1. In your Aloware Admin account, go to the Integrations menu.

  2. Navigate to the Gong card, then click Settings.

  3. On Aloware's Gong Integration settings page, click the Authenticate button.

  4. Read what Aloware can access to your Gong account, then click the Allow button.

  5. Your integration status shows that it is successful, click Save.

    Testing the integration

    The green button on your Aloware and Gong integration indicates that the integration is still active.

    Other Settings

    After connecting your Aloware and Gong accounts, you need to sync your Gong users to Aloware and configure settings.