Aloware Billing Cycle

Aloware is updating its billing from August 2021 to standardize renewal dates to the 1st of each month, with automatic prorated adjustments. Metered products now need auto-recharge. No action required from clients.

What's happening to Aloware Billing in August 2021?

Going forward, Aloware will be simplifying its billing cycles by setting a uniform renewal date of the first of each month for all subscription products.

Starting in August 2021, renewal dates will begin adjusting to the first for all of our clients.

How will this affect me?

In implementing this change, your subscription will be prorated according to your current billing date in order to align it with the new cadence.

To demonstrate, consider the following example of an account with a $100 subscription that renews on the 22nd (approximately 2/3rds through each calendar month).

The alignment proration will be $33, or one-third, during this adjustment period.

Making Changes to your Aloware Plan

Additionally going forward, any changes made to your subscription throughout the month will also now be prorated according to this new cadence.
As in, any charges as a result of changes made to your plan/users will be prorated and charged on the first of the following month.

Important note: the renewal changes only apply to Aloware plans, and the cadence will not alter for products subject to a metered usage rate.

Metered Products

Metered products that utilize Aloware credits are not subject to a renewal date; however, auto-recharge will now be mandatory in order to use these products in excess of your current credit balance.

For more information on Aloware plans and rates, please consult this article.

Your organization's specific plan information and invoices can be accessed from a billing administrator's account via Aloware > and navigating to the Account Settings > Billing tab.

What do I need to do?

There is nothing to be done at this time, this change is automatic and will start implementing in August.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply directly to this thread with your inquiries.

Thank you for being a valued Aloware client.