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SMS messaging is an effective campaign tool thanks to its high open rate. This article is about Creating SMS Messaging Workflow.

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SMS messaging becomes one of the most effective ways to leverage your campaigns because of its high open rate, and adding SMS workflow increases customer engagement.

With Aloware, you can create an SMS messaging workflow that automates sending of messages to a specific group of contacts on your selected day and time.

How to Set SMS Messaging Workflow

Once you are done setting up your sequence, from the Sequence menu > Sequence Manager, proceed to take automate your steps for SMS messaging.

Creating Steps for SMS Messaging

  • Go to the Steps tab, and click the +Add Step button

  • Select Send SMS Message from the list of Sequence Step Types that allows you to send an automatic text message to the enrolled contacts

  • Setup your SMS Messaging:

    • Select the Delay time from the previous step and this current step.

      • No Delay - the current step will take action right after the previous step

      • Default Delay - select the duration in minutes, hours, or days

      • Time of Day - select the delay in days and the time this current step in the process

    • Create your personalized text message within 160 character limit

      • Click the Add Step button to save the sequence

Enrolling Contacts in the Sequence

There are two (2) ways to enroll contacts in the Sequence:

  • Adding triggers in the workflow

  • Enrolling contacts manually

Adding Triggers in the Workflow

Triggers determine when a contact will enter or exit the workflow. It automates the process of enrolling and disenrolling contacts in your SMS messaging workflow.

To do this,

  • Navigate to the Intake and Triggers tab; under Triggers, select from the list of triggers by clicking the +Add Trigger.

    • Contact Disposition Trigger - when a contact status is set, select action to enroll or disenroll the contact.

    • Call Disposition Trigger - when a call status is set, decide whether to enroll or disenroll the contact.

    • Contact Trigger - when you create a contact, it will automatically be enrolled in this sequence. This is ideal for welcoming new leads or customers.

    • Appointment Trigger - enrolls contact if the appointment is Set, Completed, or Cancelled.

Enrolling Contacts Manually

  • Navigate to the Contacts tab, and click the +Enroll Contacts button

  • Enroll Contacts popup will display to select from Contact Groups or add a Single Contact in the sequence.

  • The list of contacts enrolled in the sequence will display on the page.

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