Automating HubSpot Workflow with Aloware Sending SMS

Integrate Aloware with HubSpot for SMS messaging. Set up workflow, configure settings, enroll contacts, monitor SMS activities.

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Integrating Aloware into your HubSpot workflow allows you to send SMS messages to your contacts, boosting your communication and engagement efforts.

Features and Benefits of Aloware SMS Messaging in HubSpot

Integrating Aloware SMS messaging into your HubSpot workflow offers several key features and benefits, providing significant advantages to your communication strategy:

  1. Seamless Integration and Comprehensive Messaging

    • Directly send SMS and MMS messages from within HubSpot, including media files, GIFs, and personalized messages to engage your contacts more effectively.

  2. Automated Workflows for Increased Efficiency

    • Automate your SMS campaigns with HubSpot workflows, streamlining communication and freeing up time for your team.

  3. Enhanced Engagement and Improved Customer Experience

    • Reach your contacts instantly via SMS, increasing opens and responses. Provide timely updates, reminders, and personalized communications to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  4. Better Tracking, Reporting, and Real-time Sync

    • Monitor SMS campaign performance with detailed tracking and analytics to refine your strategies. Automatically sync messages to Aloware Talk for up-to-date communication records.

By leveraging the features and benefits of Aloware SMS messaging within HubSpot, you can significantly enhance your communication strategy, driving better engagement and business outcomes.


Before you begin, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional Enterprise, Sales Hub Professional Enterprise, Service Hub Professional Enterprise, or Operations Hub Professional Enterprise.

  2. Your Aloware and HubSpot accounts must be integrated.

How to Create SMS Sending Workflow

Step 1: Setting Up Your Workflow

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Automations > Workflows.

  2. Click Create Workflow and select either From Scratch or From Template. For this example, select From Scratch.

  3. Choose Contact-based, then Blank workflow as your triggers and actions. Click Next.

  4. Set up your triggers based on your preferred criteria.

  5. Click the + button to add actions. From the Choose an Action panel, go to Aloware actions and select Aloware: Send a message.

  6. Configure the following properties:

    • Aloware Line to send from: Assign the Aloware line you want to use for sending the message.

    • Send as (agent attribution): Select Contact Owner.

    • Message: Provide the SMS message you want to send.

    • Phone Number: Specify the property that contains the recipient's phone number. Select Phone Number.

    • Media URL: Add a URL if you want to include media in the message.

  7. Click Save once done.

  8. Your workflow should look like this:

Step 2: Checking the SMS Workflow

  1. To verify if the SMS workflow in HubSpot is functioning correctly, click Enrollment History. This will show the contacts enrolled who have completed the workflow.

  2. SMS messages sent to leads are also synced to Aloware Talk, ensuring all communications are tracked.

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate Aloware with HubSpot, enhancing your communication strategy with SMS capabilities.

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