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Aloware Contact Lookup API

Aloware's Contact Lookup API finds contacts by phone. GET requests show found, invalid, or non-existent contacts. Contact for more info.

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The Aloware Contact Lookup API allows you to seamlessly integrate contact lookup functionality into your applications or systems.

This document provides details on how to use the API and its available endpoints which you can find in the Integrations menu > Contact Lookup API.


The API endpoint for looking up a contact using a phone number is as follows:

GET /api/v1/webhook/contact/phone-number

Query Parameters

The following query parameters are required to perform the contact lookup:


Your Aloware API token


The phone number of the contact you want to look up.

Example GET URL

An example GET URL for the contact lookup API with the required query parameters is as follows:



The API will return the following responses based on the success or failure of the contact lookup:

  • HTTP 200 - If a contact is found with the provided phone number, an HTTP 200 response will be returned along with the contact information.

  • HTTP 400 - If the request fails due to missing or invalid parameters, an HTTP 400 response will be returned. The response body will provide a detailed error message indicating the cause of the failure.

"error": "Phone number is empty or invalid."
  • HTTP 404 - If the contact is not found with the provided phone number, an HTTP 404 response will be returned. The response body will contain a detailed error message.

"error": "Contact not found."

cURL Example - Perform a contact lookup

Here is an example cURL command to perform a contact lookup using the Aloware Contact Lookup API:

curl --location --request GET ''

Additional API Functions

If you require additional API functions or have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with your specific requirements.

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