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API Documentation: Aloware Number Lookup API Integration
API Documentation: Aloware Number Lookup API Integration

Aloware's LRN feature categorizes numbers for SMS marketing at $0.002/lookup. Toggle via support. Detailed lookups via separate API.

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Aloware LRN (Location Routing Number) is used to identify the phone numbers that are added/ imported to Aloware as landline, wireless, VoIP, or other. Learn more about Phone Identifiers and how they are used in Aloware.

When you import contacts into Aloware (or add them one by one or through integrations), Aloware automatically checks the phone number type and saves that information for later usage.

A $0.002 (two-tenth of a cent) is charged for any LRN lookup

Here is a screenshot of the Number Lookup API page for your reference.

What is the Number Lookup API used for?

Aloware internally uses the LRN data to figure out who is a mobile customer from landlines. You can see the identifier in all the contacts. This information is extremely helpful in improving the SMS marketing campaign's conversions and delivery rates.

  • A good error rate is typically in the range of 0-6%

  • A good opt-out rate is typically in the range of 0-0.3%

Here is an example of what a contact with a phone identifier looks like in Aloware.

How can we enable/ disable the LRN feature?

We strongly recommend using the LRN feature to prevent undeliverable messages. If a number is a landline or 'spam likely', Aloware won't try to send a message.

To enable or disable this feature, you need to contact our support team to assist you.

By default, LRN is enabled when we create your account to ensure compliance and prevent any potential issues in the future.

Can you look up who this number belongs to?

We do have another API that can be used for that purpose. The API data is provided by Twilio (documentation).

Where is the API documentation?

You can view your API docs along with your account’s token (API Key) by going to the Integrations menu and clicking on the “Number Lookup API” tab. Each Admin user on Aloware has their own unique API key, which is specific to their user account. This ensures that each user has their own set of keys for accessing the API.

  1. Navigate to the Integration menu > Number Lookup API tab.

  2. Paste the number here and click the Lookup button.

  3. Aloware provides the following information.

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