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Aloware API Form Connect: Simplifying Lead Capture and Management
Aloware API Form Connect: Simplifying Lead Capture and Management

Aloware's API Form Connect integrates website forms for lead capture. Simply add script, test, and customize. Contact for details.

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Aloware provides an API Form Connect feature that allows you to integrate your website forms and capture leads effortlessly.

By embedding a simple script on your website, you can bind your forms to Aloware and streamline your lead management process.

This document outlines the necessary steps and options to integrate Aloware using the API Form Connect feature which you can find in the Integrations menu > Form Connect.

Integration Steps

To integrate Aloware using API Form Connect, follow these steps:

1. Include the Aloware HTML script

Add the following script just before the closing </body> tag on your web page:

<script src=""></script>


<script src=""></script>

Select the appropriate script based on your preferred JavaScript framework (Vanilla JS or jQuery).

2. Initialize the Aloware integration

After including the Aloware script, initialize the integration by calling the `alowareInit` function. Pass your Aloware API key and an options object as arguments.

alowareInit("740A6C4E", { force_update: true });

Replace "740A6C4E" with your actual Aloware API key. The options object allows you to customize the integration behavior (explained in the next section).

3. Verify the integration

Test your website form(s) to ensure that leads are being captured and sent to Aloware successfully. You can monitor your Aloware dashboard or use the Aloware API to confirm the data transfer.


The options object passed to the `alowareInit` function allows you to override default settings for the integration. The following options are available:

form_id (optional)

Specify the ID of the form you want to bind to Aloware. If not set, the integration will bind to the first form on the page.

line_id (optional)

Assign a specific Aloware line ID to associate with the captured leads.

sequence_id (optional)

Set a sequence ID to trigger a specific automation sequence in Aloware.

user_id (optional)

Assign a user ID to associate with the leads.

tag_id (optional)

Apply a specific tag ID to the captured leads.

disposition_status_id (optional)

Set a disposition status ID for the leads.

force_update (optional)

If set to `true`, forces an update to the existing lead in Aloware with new data from the form. Defaults to `false`.

force_update_sequence (optional)

If set to `true`, forces an update to the existing lead's automation sequence in Aloware. Defaults to `false`.

If you require more API functions or have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]. We will be happy to assist you with your specific requirements.

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