Follow the Sun

"Follow the Sun" sorts contacts by time zones, aiding reps to call during work hours. Access from Contacts; navigate with Prev/Next buttons.

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Follow the Sun is a feature that sorts your contacts by their time zones from East to West. This feature helps you engage with people based on their usual work hours. This can be a really powerful tool to organize work for reps and agents who are making calls or engaging with contacts nationwide or across multiple states (or countries).

You can use the Follow the Sun tool on the Contacts page, which you can access from the Main Menu. In the upper right-hand area, click on the Follow the Sun button to sort your contacts.

When you click on a contact, you can see a Prev/Next button on the upper right-hand side of the contact's name. Clicking on Prev or Next button will let you move in the list forward and backward. This can be used as an alternative way of power dialing.

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