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Enabling Aloware Notifications on Google Chrome (Windows 10 and 11)
Enabling Aloware Notifications on Google Chrome (Windows 10 and 11)

Activate Aloware notifications: System settings > Enable Chrome in Notifications & actions > Allow in Chrome Privacy settings.

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Whenever a notification pops up in Aloware, your screen displays a message along with a notification sound. Typically, Google Chrome enables this feature by default, but you can adjust this setting at your convenience. However, you may occasionally need to grant permission for Google Chrome notifications on Windows.

How to Enable Google Chrome Notifications on Desktop (Windows 10 and 11)

  1. Click on the Start button or search for "Settings" in the search bar.

  2. Select System.

  3. Navigate to the "Notifications & actions" menu.

  4. Under Get notifications from these senders, toggle on Google Chrome.

Allowing Aloware Browser App to Send Notifications to Desktop

  1. Open Chrome on your computer.

  2. At the top right of the window, click More > Settings.

  3. On Settings, go to Privacy and Security > Site Settings.

  4. Under Permissions, select Notifications.

  5. Under Allowed to send notifications, click Add.

  6. Enter, and click Add.

Here is a screenshot that shows the Aloware URL that is authorized to send notifications.

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