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This guide walks you through integrating Aloware's smart transcription with your CRM platform. This integration allows you to automatically send call transcriptions directly to a specific field in your CRM, enhancing your workflow and data analysis capabilities.

Benefits of this Integration

  1. Streamlined Workflows - Directly sending transcriptions to a specific CRM field eliminates manual data entry, speeding up your processes.

  2. Enhanced Data Utilization - With transcriptions easily accessible in your CRM, leveraging AI tools for analysis becomes more effective.

  3. Customization and Flexibility - Admins gain more control over how and where data is stored, tailoring the system to meet specific needs.

  4. Improved Accuracy and Accessibility - Having transcriptions in a designated CRM field improves data accuracy and makes information more accessible to team members.

  5. Future-Proofing - This integration prepares your system for future advancements, ensuring you remain at the cutting edge of CRM integration technology.

Understanding the 'Transcription Saved' Webhook Event

Whenever a call is transcribed, the "transcription saved" event is triggered. This means the transcription of your phone call is converted to text, saved, and ready for you to use. This event lets other systems know a new transcription is available, making it a crucial part of integrating Aloware with your CRM.

Setting Up Your Integration

  1. Transcription Event Capture

    Utilize Aloware's Webhook to catch when a call's transcription is stored. This includes information like the transcription file, the date and time of the transcription, and its status. Read this guide to learn how to add webhook events.

  2. Transcription Settings

    Transcriptions will only be synced with the CRM when the talk time is between the minimum and maximum limits specified by the user via Webhook.

    Admins can set up the transcription settings for the company in the Account menu. Read this guide to learn how to set up the setup transcription.

  3. Smart Transcription

    Benefit from Smart Transcriptions that are tailored to your settings, capturing detailed texts of outgoing calls.

    Read more about Smart Transcription Analysis page in this guide.

  4. Testing Your Setup

    Use tools like webhook.site to test and verify that your webhook is correctly capturing and transmitting the transcriptions.

  5. Receive Transcriptions in your CRM

    Admins can create a custom field (e.g., 'Transcript') in the CRM to receive the transcriptions. This ensures that the detailed text of the call lands exactly where you need it.

Integrating Aloware's call transcription service with your CRM streamlines operations, enhances data accuracy, and improves workflow efficiency. By following this guide, you'll be able to set up this integration smoothly and enjoy the benefits of having detailed call transcriptions directly in your CRM.

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