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The "Get the List of Users" API allows you to retrieve the list of users from your Aloware account when called with the unique API token. This is useful for further automation in Aloware’s APIs and Integration.

This documentation outlines the required fields, examples, and endpoints to successfully utilize the Aloware User List API.


This endpoint allows you to ger a list of users.

GET /api/v1/webhook/users

Getting the List of Users

To get the list of users, you need the following required fields:


Your Aloware account API token.

Example GET URL



HTTP 200 - a successful response will return the list of users.

Example Request:

curl --location --request GET 'https://app.aloware.com/api/v1/webhook/users?api_token=[API_TOKEN]'

Make sure to replace '[API_TOKEN]' with your actual Aloware API token.

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