Making Outbound Calls in Zoho with Aloware Integration

Aloware integrates with Zoho for direct outbound calls via Aloware Talk. Click call icon in Zoho to connect.

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Aloware In-app Dialer in Zoho

Connect Aloware in Zoho and start to make a call.


  • You need to install Aloware Talk on your desktop.

Making Outbound Calls in Zoho using Aloware

  1. In your Zoho account, select or search for the contact to call.

  2. Click the call πŸ“ž icon, and the Aloware dialer will pop up on the screen.

    • For Mac users, select Aloware Talk as an app to proceed with the call.

  3. Aloware connects you to the contact.

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