Using Aloware SMS Messenger with Guesty

Integrate Aloware messenger with Guesty for real-time guest messaging, boosting communication and efficiency within the platform.

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You can integrate Aloware messenger into Guesty to enable real-time messaging with guests from within the Guesty platform. Your message will be sent to the guest using the Aloware messenger.

Any replies from the guest will sync to Aloware messenger, and you can continue the conversation from within Guesty. This integration can also help you manage your guest communication more efficiently and improve customer experience.


You should have successfully integrated your Guesty account with Aloware.

Sending an SMS in Guesty using Aloware Messenger

Follow these simple steps to send an SMS in Guesty.

Step 1: Create a Listing, Reservation, and Task at Guesty

  1. Click the "+" button, select from the following to start a communication:

    1. New Reservation

      • New Listing

      • New Task

  2. Fill up the required fields:

    • Source - Manual

    • Listing - Select from the options.

    • Guest - Select from the contacts.

  3. Click the Save button.

If a customer creates a list or makes a reservation, Aloware will immediately add them as a contact, allowing you to contact them by phone or SMS.

Step 2: Send SMS

  1. In your Guesty account, navigate to the Inbox menu.

  2. Enter your message in the message box and hit Send.

Aloware logs every call or SMS sent to a guest and logs it in Guesty. You may check all the conversational data with Guesty, including the Call line, Destination, Message, Call Recording, and Call Duration.

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