Round Robin vs Longest Available Settings

Aloware: Choose Round Robin for fair call distribution or Longest Available to prioritize agents, optimizing call routing & service.

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Efficient call routing and fair call distribution are essential for providing optimal customer service in call center environments. Aloware offers different ring group settings to achieve these goals.

In this article, we will explore and compare two popular options: Round Robin and Longest Available. Understanding the distinctions between these settings will help you make informed decisions to enhance your operations and customer experience.

Defining Round Robin and Longest Available settings

Round Robin

Round Robin is a ring group setting that focuses on equal distribution of calls among available agents. Calls are routed to agents one by one in a round-robin fashion based on the longest availability. This strategy prevents the overloading of any single agent and promotes balanced workload allocation.

Round Robin is suitable when equal distribution of calls is a priority.

Longest Available

The Longest Available setting prioritizes assigning calls to representatives based on their availability. Calls are routed to agents who have been idle for the longest duration, maximizing the utilization of available representatives and minimizing customer wait times. This approach ensures efficient distribution of calls, reducing customer frustration.

Longest Available is ideal for minimizing customer wait times.

Round Robin vs. Longest Available Ring Group Settings


Round Robin

Longest Available

Routing Strategy

Calls are distributed to agents in a rotating fashion, ensuring equal opportunities for each representative.

Calls are assigned to agents based on their longest idle time, prioritizing availability.

Call Distribution

Calls are distributed individually, following a rotating pattern. If no one answers, the next attempt is made.

Calls are distributed individually, targeting the representative with the longest duration of availability. If no one answers, the next attempt is made.


The objective is to achieve fairness by evenly distributing calls among available representatives.

The objective is to prioritize availability, assigning calls to representatives who have been idle the longest.

Understanding the differences between Round Robin and Longest Available settings helps you optimize call routing in Aloware. Round Robin ensures fair call distribution, while Longest Available maximizes availability.

By selecting the appropriate ring group setting, call centers can enhance operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive success.

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