Authenticating Pipedrive with Aloware: A Simple Guide
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Connect Aloware and Pipedrive

By integrating Aloware and Pipedrive, you can efficiently and securely handle contact details, users, and leads on both platforms. This integration enables you to easily enroll contacts in Aloware Sequence and add them to the Power Dialer feature.

Screenshot of Aloware App Panel in Pipedrive

Below, learn how to set up your Aloware and Pipedrive integration.

Integration Prerequisites

  • Only Admins can integrate Aloware and Pipedrive.

  • Admins should use the same email for Pipedrive and Aloware accounts.

Authenticate Pipedrive Account

  1. In your Aloware Admin account, go to the Integrations menu and click Settings on the Pipedrive card.

  2. In Aloware's Pipedrive Integration settings page, enable the Integration status button, then click the Authenticate button.

  3. You will be redirected to the Pipedrive login portal to enter your credentials.

  4. Read through what to expect in the integration.

  5. Click the Allow and Install button.

Testing the integration

  1. Check Connection

    To know if you successfully integrated your Aloware and Pipedrive accounts,

    1. Go to Integration Settings, and click the Check Connection button.

    2. Your Connection Status should display Connected.


  1. If the Pipedrive Integration is already authenticated, but the features aren't showing or functioning yet, you might need to "Re-Authenticate" Pipedrive again in the Pipedrive integration settings.

  2. The process after clicking the "Re-Authenticate" is the same as after clicking the "Authenticate" button.

  3. After authenticating your Aloware and Pipedrive accounts, you should now configure your integration settings.

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