Managing Inbox and Task in Aloware Talk
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What is Inbox?

Users can change a contact's status in Aloware Talk's Inbox from Pending to Close, and it displays all of their communications (calls, messages, etc.) in one place.

Understanding Communication Task Management

The inbox displays all communication (calls, messages, etc.) of contacts grouped. It is a communication task management feature in which users can respond and set a contact to a Pending or Closed state.

  1. All - Displays all contacts' communication regardless of their status.

  2. Open - All contacts with any new communication are set to an Open state by default. To change any status to Open - Click the clock icon to move a contact to the Pending state from the Open state.

  3. Pending - refers to a task that is not yet fulfilled with these contacts.

    1. To change the Pending status to Close - Click the check icon to move the contact to the Close state.

    2. To change the Pending status to Open - Click the mail icon to reopen the contact.

  4. Closed - Work associated with Contact has been finished. To change the Closed status to Open - Click the mail icon to reopen the contact.

My Contacts: What does it mean?

"My Contacts" allows agents to view the contacts assigned to them, including their communication history.

Channels in Aloware Talk

See communications across different channels.

  1. Calls - Calls tab shows all contacts whose agents sent and received calls.

  2. Messages - Messages tab shows all contacts whose agents sent and received messages.

  3. @Mentions - displays all received and sent mentions between users in Aloware.

  4. Voicemail - displays all contacts who leave a voicemail message.

  5. Recordings - shows all contacts who were sent a recording from your agent.

  6. All Communications - shows all communications made in contacts (calls, texts, fax, etc.) but does not display the Task statuses (Open, Pending, Close).

  7. My Personal Line - displays all communications with contacts via the user's personal line. To set up a user's personal line, follow this guide.

    As an agent, you can define your filter to narrow down the properties that qualify your contacts and save them under the Personal Filter section. You can apply this to filter your calls, messages, voicemails, and recordings.

Different Types of Inbox Filters

There are two (2) types of Inbox filters in Aloware Talk:

  1. Personal Filter - Agents can set their filters.

  2. Company Filter - Admins define company-wide filters for all Agents in Aloware Admin.

How to Create Personal Inbox Filters

  1. To use the filter, click the Filter icon in the Inbox menu.

  2. The Inbox Filter Wizard will display to define your settings:

    1. Name - you can set your filter name in a separate pop-up display.

    2. Quick Access

      • Last Engagement Date - you can filter contacts based on the most recent engagement i.e., the last message sent or call made.

      • Lines - filter your contacts based on the Line used.

      • Ring Groups - filter your contacts based on the Ring Groups the contact is enrolled.

    3. Properties

      1. Contact Tags

      2. Show contacts with unread communications only

    4. Has Communicated within

      1. Last Engagement Date Period

    5. Attribution

      1. Communication Owners - filter based on the communication owner

      2. Contact Owners - filters contacts based on the agent assigned

  3. Then, click the "Save as New" button to name your filter.

  4. Click the Create button to save your filter. You can see your newly created personal filter in the left-side panel of Inbox Filter.

  5. Click the Apply button, and your filter settings will narrow your data.

Mark Read and Unread Messages

Marking read, or unread inbound conversations applies to all users. If a message is marked read by one of the users, it will be seen as read to all the users in the team.

The red circle with a number indicates the total number of unread communications (SMS, call, email, etc.) in a contact.

  • Mark All as Read - marking all conversations as "read" allows users that the message has been read or attended. It does not let the senders know that you have read their messages. Hover your mouse over the message box to mark it as read.

  • Mark as Unread - it allows all the users to know that no one has read the message yet. Users can also mark the messages back as unread.

Users can mark a message as unread to flag it for follow-up, respond later, or may want to re-read it. It does not send a notification to the sender that a message has been read.

In the message channel, unread messages are marked with a blue dot beside the contact's name.

What is a Company Inbox Filter?

Admins define the filters that are considered company filters. To do this,

  1. Go to Dashboard in your Aloware Admin account and set your Filters.

  2. Once done, click the Save Filter button.

  3. Click Save after naming the Company Filter.

  4. Define the properties in the Inbox Filter fields:

    1. Filter name - Assign a name for your filter

    2. Under Quick Access, assign the following details:

      1. Quick Access

        1. Time

        2. My Contacts

        3. Lines

        4. Handling

        5. Direction - Inbound or Outbound

        6. Properties

        7. Tags

          1. Tags - Enabling options to

            • Show Only First-time Communications

            • Show Only Untagged Communications

            • Exclude Communication Sent From Sequences

            • Creator Type Workflow

        8. Attribution

          • Line Phone Numbers

          • Sequences

          • Contact Owners

          • Then, click the Save as New button.

        9. Your newly created filter displays in the Inbox Filter dashboard.

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