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Understanding Aloware's Communication Info: A Guide to Analyzing Call Data and Improving Customer Service
Understanding Aloware's Communication Info: A Guide to Analyzing Call Data and Improving Customer Service
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Effective call data management is crucial for businesses to analyze customer service quality and gain insights into call interactions.

Aloware's Communication Info offers a comprehensive overview of call details, allowing businesses to track and analyze crucial information about their calls.

By utilizing Communication Info in Aloware, businesses can benefit in several ways:

  1. Call Analysis - The detailed call data provided by Communication Info allows businesses to analyze call performance, assess user activities, and identify trends or patterns that impact customer service quality.

  2. Improved Decision Making - The insights derived from Communication Info help businesses make informed decisions about call routing strategies, staffing, training, and process improvements to enhance overall call management and customer experience.

  3. Enhanced Customer Service - By monitoring call details, duration, and call disposition, businesses can ensure effective call handling, minimize wait times, and optimize customer service levels.

This article delves into the features and benefits of Communication Info, guiding users on how to access and utilize this valuable tool.

Communication Info Overview

Aloware's Communication Info provides detailed call data records, enabling businesses to analyze call performance and improve customer service.

The key components of Communication Info include:

  1. Call Activities - Communication Info helps identify the ring groups and the specific user or agent the call is trying to reach. It provides insights into call activities, such as user notes, call answering options (fishing mode, barge, whisper), and call transfer records. Moreover, call monitoring features like call recordings and smart transcription enhance call analysis capabilities.

  2. Inbound and Outbound Call Details - Communication Info displays a comprehensive range of details for both inbound and outbound calls. These details include contact information, call disposition (status assigned by the user), caller and recipient line information, target users, user or agent information, call answering modes (fishing mode, barge, whisper), call duration, talk time, wait time, call recordings, smart transcription, voicemail, user notes, call disposition, and more.

Navigating to Communication Info

To access Communication Info in Aloware, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Contacts menu and select or search for the desired contact to view call information.

  2. In the communication box, click the call log arrow to expand the communication details overview.

  3. Click the "More Details" button to access the comprehensive Communication Info.

The Communication Info provides details that offer insights into call interactions, user activities, and call outcomes. From call duration to call disposition, this information enables businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve their overall communication strategies.




The contact you are trying to call or receiving a call


The user assigns the status of the call


The line that is being used to call


The line you are calling to

Target Users (Attempt 1)

Identifies the user that an inbound call is trying to reach, usually in a Ring Group


Displays the user or agent

Attempting User

Answered with Fishing Mode

Yes or No. If the call was answered in Fishing Mode


Yes or No. If the call is barged


Yes or No. If the call is whispered


The number in the queue before the call hung up

Started at

Records the time when the call started and the place of the call

Ended at

Record the time when the call ended


Logs the call duration

Talk Time

Logs the call duration with a human voice

Wait Time

Logs the wait time of the call


Records the line that is used to call

Ring Group

Records the ring group if the line is enrolled


This allows you to play the audio recording. Aloware supports playback speeds ranging from 0.5x to 2.0x.

Smart Transcription

Displays the call-to-text conversation


Plays the voicemail


Displays the user notes

Creator Type

Logs where the contact was created


Displays all the tags that the contact is labeled or tagged

Call Disposition

The user assigns the call status after the call ends

Parent Call

Clicking the more info will display the Child Call details

Transferred from

Logs where the call was before transferring

Transferred to

Records the call transferred to

Cold Transferred

Yes or No. No means that the call was warm-transferred

Child Call

Clicking more info will get back to the Parent Call

Ring Group Snapshot

Provides more information on how the call went through in a ring group

Other buttons:

Report Issue

Clicking this button opens the Aloware support chat.


Clicking this button removes the specific communication from all reports.

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