Inbound Call Settings in Aloware Talk
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The Inbound Call Settings in Aloware Talk help you to manage incoming calls. This includes adding extension numbers and managing the working hours of the user.

Users can configure these settings in the Settings Menu > Inbound Call Settings.

Inbound Call Settings

  • Extension

    Assigning an extension number to a user or an agent will help the contacts reach a specific user to address their concerns without navigating an IVR.

    Here's how it works for the customers

    When a contact calls your main number, they can immediately enter the specific extension number. This action directs the call to the intended agent, even if the line is set up through an IVR system.

  • Working Hours

    Users can set their working hours and even schedule time for lunch breaks. This ensures there's always someone available to answer incoming calls. The agent's status will be updated according to their working hours.

  • Personal Voicemail

    Having a voicemail message in a professional tone leaves a good impression on contacts. It helps them communicate their concerns immediately, thus reducing their waiting time. Users can get back to them as soon as they become available.

    • Recording and Managing Voicemails

      Agents have two (2) options to create their voicemail greeting:

      • Click "Start Record" to record an audio file directly.

      • Upload a pre-recorded audio file.

        Also, agents can adjust the playback speed and volume of the voicemail to ensure clarity and accessibility.

    • Downloading Voicemails

      Once a voicemail is set up, agents can download the audio file.

      • Click the three-dot menu next to the file.

      • Select "Download."

  • Operating States and Operating Area Codes in Users

    The Operating States and Operating Area Codes feature simplifies how businesses handle calls. It lets customers dial one number to reach your business, then automatically directs their calls to the right agent based on the caller's location. This is especially useful for businesses serving customers from many areas, as it reduces the need to transfer calls.

    For example, if an agent is responsible for calls from California, any call from California will directly reach them. This leads to quicker and more effective responses.

    This method ensures calls go straight to the appropriate team member, based on where they're calling from. It streamlines the calling process, helping callers reach the right person faster and with less hassle.

    Operating Area Codes allow users to set an area code limitation on inbound calls.

  • Follow-up

    If a user misses a call, a follow-up SMS can automatically be sent to the contact using the number set in the Backup Routing.

    Note - Agents can set up backup routing in the Settings > Profile.

  • Caller Notification

    Admins can enable an auto-text after a call which helps improve customer engagement. You can configure exactly what you want the text to say in this area as well.


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