A Guide to Receiving Inbound Calls on Aloware Talk
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A call is connecting your phone's line to one's phone number. Managing calls is an important part of the business flow that helps your agent engage leads, support clients, and stay connected with your customers.

Effective call management ensures that no calls go unanswered keeps track of all communication actions, and uses various tools for taking notes, sending SMS, and transferring calls.

Types of Calls

There are two (2) types of calls that we can do in Aloware:

  1. Outbound Calls - these are calls that agents make to reach out to leads.

    Examples where outbound calls are usually found:

    • Agents call potential leads who subscribed to a newsletter through web forms.

    • Agents who would like to upsell their products or offer new products.

  2. Inbound Calls - these are calls from agents who usually seek assistance or support.

    Examples where inbound calls are present:

    • Agents receive calls from customers who bought their products and need technical support.

    • Customer calls agents to inquire about product details, packages, and deals.


Make sure that you are on the Available status to accept calls. Learn more about Agent Status.

Receiving an Inbound Call

There are two (2) ways to answer an inbound call:

  1. Answering call from a popup notification

    When a call comes in, a popup notification will appear on your screen showing the caller's name, phone number, and location.

    Click the call icon or the green one to answer the call.

  2. Answering call from the Communications Section

    If the contact has a previous communication, the call icon also appears on the right side of the contact's name.

Engaging with Contact

The dialer appears on the screen, and you can now use the engagement features to manage the call efficiently.

Learn more about the Contact Engagement tools in this article.

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