Aloware Desktop App
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Work on the device that suits you best and build better conversations. The Aloware app allows you to send messages and make phone calls using your desktop. You can manage contacts, send SMS, and make phone calls from your Mac or PC.

The Aloware Desktop App

The Aloware Desktop app is lightweight and mirrors everything on the Web app. The software updates itself automatically, so you will always have the latest version.

  • Inbox - displays all your communications in one place. Here you can find your:

    • New Messages

    • Calls

    • Missed Calls

    • Voicemails

    • Recordings

  • Dial - houses the Aloware dialer smarter and faster interactions with your contacts.


  • Contacts - displays a list of contacts and relevant details you need.

  • More - contains all the various settings and information.

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