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Onboarding Guide
Aloware Onboarding Guide: Getting Started
Aloware Onboarding Guide: Getting Started
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Welcome to Aloware!

We’re ready to enhance your client relationship management with us. By completing this onboarding process, you’ll have a solid understanding of our features and be able to achieve your business goals.

Let’s begin!

Milestone 1: Admin Training

Admin Training (Aloware Classic)

Everything starts with creating your account in Aloware. We'll be able to help you to configure the settings to meet your specific needs.

  1. Creation of Lines- Aloware will automatically create a new line based on your area code upon sign-up.

  2. Adding numbers - In Aloware, lines are the heart of your Contact Center: each line contains multiple phone numbers that receive calls and messages from your contacts. Your existing phone numbers can be easily added or removed from the system.

  3. Adding of users - We automatically create a user for the account owner. The Account Owner has an Admin Role and can add other users. We can also assign personal numbers to users.

  4. Creation of Ring Groups - Ring Groups are Users that receive and answer your calls in a predefined order.

    • Power Dialer Setup - The power Dialer automatically calls the next phone number on the contact list if it reaches a busy, unattended, or disconnected contact.

    • Broadcast settings - this feature prevents users from sending bulk messages beyond business hours.

    • Difference and functionality of Tags - Tags are identifiers you can attach to contacts to categorize and segment based on their business value.

    • Contact and Call Disposition - These let you log the outcome status of the call and if the contact moves forward in the sales process.

    • How to export a report - Aloware provides a wide range of file formats to make it easier for you to have it on the go or send it online to your team.

    • How to import contacts - this feature lets you import contacts from a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

  5. Sequence - this feature resembles Email Drip campaigns; it has independent jobs that run after a certain period

  6. Broadcast - this tool allows users to send Bulk Messages and Bulk RVMs (Ringless Voicemail) to contacts for promotional and marketing purposes.

  7. Dashboard - this feature is a central place to view your account's current live calls and past communications (calls, messages, voicemails, email, fax).

  8. Wallboard - this feature displays actual metrics information calculated daily for monitoring, management, and optimization, where everyone can see and work towards targets.

  9. Reports - this feature gives details to help you develop strategies, monitor activities and growth, and improve decision-making.

  10. Billing and usage - this mechanism has two components: Plans and Rates.

Agent Training (Aloware Talk)

  1. Aloware Talk Training

    • Communications Inbox - this feature can change a contact's status in Inbox from Pending to Close, and it displays all of their communications (calls, messages, etc.) in one place.

  2. Aloware Talk Dialer

    • Power Dialer - this feature saves users' time from the tedious process of manually adding contacts, making them more focused, efficient, and productive because

    • Reporting - this feature provides a dashboard view of metrics about their performance to monitor business goals.

Admin and Agents

Learn how to install Aloware in different forms, including:

  1. Mobile App - lets you send a message or hop on a phone call using the Aloware mobile app.

  2. Desktop App - this app allows you to send messages and make phone calls using your desktop, manage contacts, send SMS, and make phone calls from your Mac or PC.

  3. Click-to-Call - lets you call phone numbers found on websites with the Aloware Chrome extension.

Milestone 2: Meeting with the other teams

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our support team at If you need urgent help, please contact us through the Aloware chat widget available in the app. The support team can assist with any issues and guide you using Aloware.

Introduction to our Carrier Ops team

Our carrier operations team will ensure you comply with all industry standards. They are specialists in overseeing our partnership with Twilio, resolving compliance concerns, and introducing new industry best practices to guarantee Aloware delivers your calls and messages.

Introduction to our Technical Operations team

Our technical operations team is your main point of contact for all technical issues, questions, and concerns about Aloware. They identify and resolve issues and assess your needs to create a feature request.

Introduction to our Billing team

Our billing team ensures you are charged accurately and on time. They keep track of your subscriptions, statement of account (SOA) requirements, invoices, and other financial-related information.

Read Understanding about Aloware Billing.

Milestone 3: Account Polishing/ Integration Setup

Account Polishing

In this section, the Aloware team will do last-minute checks on your account. It involves reviewing and fine-tuning your account settings to ensure all configurations work correctly for reporting and analysis.

Integration Setup

We want to help you to connect Aloware with your preferred CRM. Integration setup involves configuring the authentication of Aloware and CRM, mapping data fields, and establishing workflows for data synchronization.

Here’s a list of all the integrations we support:

  1. CRMs and Helpdesk

    Aloware integrates with a range of popular CRMs, that allow you to sync your customer data between Aloware and your CRM, and access customer information within Aloware.

  2. Email

    Aloware integrates with mail automation tools to automate the marketing communication process and improve lead generation and nurturing.

  3. Call Analytics

  4. Other Integrations

    Aloware also integrates with productivity tools, and marketing automation tools that allow you to streamline your communication and collaboration processes.

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