Using the Aloware Talk Chrome Extension
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The Aloware Talk Chrome extension empowers you to effortlessly connect with individuals through phone calls and text messages, simply by utilizing the phone numbers you encounter across various websites. This versatile feature also streamlines the process of integrating these numbers into the power dialer, enhancing your ability to engage with your contacts efficiently.

The Aloware Talk Chrome Extension Interface

  1. Numbers Found - Stay updated on the potential leads available on a specific webpage. The Aloware Chrome extension automatically scans each webpage for phone numbers and displays the count of phone numbers it has identified. This indicator helps you gauge the number of opportunities present.

  2. Login to Aloware/Add to Power Dialer - Effortlessly access Aloware's capabilities by logging in to your account. Once logged in, this button transforms into "Add to Power Dialer." By clicking it, you instantly add the detected numbers to your "My Queue" list, simplifying the process of reaching out to your leads.

  3. Enable click-to-call - Personalize your browsing experience by toggling the Aloware Chrome Extension on or off for specific web pages. This feature grants you the freedom to choose where the extension functions, providing you with more control over your communication strategies.

  4. Refresh - While the extension generally performs smoothly, occasional delays in fetching data might arise. To mitigate any latency issues, Aloware has included a convenient Refresh button. By clicking it, you can promptly update the "Numbers Found" counter, ensuring accurate information.

  5. Settings - Access essential extension settings by clicking the Settings icon. Here, you can select your preferred Aloware version:

    • Use Legacy Web App - Utilize the Aloware Classic web app for making calls.

    • Use Legacy Desktop App - Employ the Aloware Classic desktop app for your communication needs.

    • Use Talk Web App - Engage with the new Aloware Talk web app for calls.

    • Use Talk Desktop App - Leverage the new Aloware Talk desktop app for seamless communication.

    Furthermore, you can activate the "Confirm Before Calling" option, enhancing your call preparation process.

  6. Logout - Need to log out? Simply click the Log Out button to disconnect from your Aloware account.

  7. On/Off Toggle - Toggle the Aloware Chrome extension on or off with this straightforward option. Maintain full control over its functionality as per your requirements.

  8. Help - For assistance, click the Help button to navigate to the Aloware support site. Here, you can find valuable resources to address any queries or concerns you might have.

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