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Aloware's Power Dialer boosts calling with Caller ID, task management, auto-duplicate removal, and triggers for agent efficiency.

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Aloware's Power Dialer offers advanced settings to optimize your calling operations, blending flexibility with control. This guide introduces the core features of the Power Dialer settings, enabling you to fine-tune your calling strategies, manage tasks efficiently, and enhance agent performance.

  1. Default Power Dialer Line - For your calls using Power Dialer, select a line (Caller ID). On their Power Dialer, the agents may also pick this option.

  2. Master Control - By selecting this option, the Power Dialer of the agents will only allow admins to add/clear tasks.

  3. Remove Manually Dialed Contacts -Aloware automatically removes duplicate contacts from the Power Dialer list if they are manually called elsewhere on the platform.

  4. Power Dialer Triggers - Define triggers for Power Dialer calls.

    • Add Call Trigger

      • Apply tags to communication

      • Apply tags to contact

      • Remove tags from the contact

      • Enroll to Sequence

      • Dispose of Contact

      • Remove the task tag from a contact

    • Call Disposition Trigger

      • Remove tags from the contact

      • Remove the task tag from a contact

      • Enroll in a sequence

      • Apply tags to contact

  5. Power Dialer Session Settings -Set Company Session Settings for Aloware Talk agents using the Power Dialer.

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