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Aloware Account General Settings: Admins can change name, timezone, homepage, privacy, messaging for better functionality.

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This article gives an overview of these features and explains the impact of any changes on your account.

Please note that only admins have access to the Account menu in Aloware Admin.

To access these settings, log in to your Aloware account and navigate to the Accounts menu.

General Settings - You can change your account name, set timezone, and broadcast setting preferences.

  • Name - Set a name for your account.

  • Timezone - Easily change your account's timezone to ensure Aloware operates in the correct time zone, affecting features like broadcasts, sequences, and the power dialer.

  • Default Homepage - Customize the default homepage, either Dashboard or Contacts, to enhance efficiency and quick access.

  • Private Lines - Control visibility of personal lines to maintain privacy. Admins can restrict users from seeing other users' lines, ensuring confidentiality.

  • Send long text messages as MMS - Aloware automatically sends long text messages as MMS when they exceed 160 characters. This ensures that messages keep their intended format without any interruptions. This feature applies to Short Code, Toll-Free, and A2P 10DLC sender types in the US and Canada. Read more on enabling this feature in this guide.

  • Broadcast Settings - Enable Broadcast Settings to regulate bulk message sending outside business hours for professional communication. Read more about Broadcast in this guide.

  • Sequence Reenrollment - Transfer contacts between sequences using Sequence Re-enrollment, limiting each contact to one sequence at a time.

  • Show Task Status Logs - Admins can hide task status changes in the inbox. For instance, they can hide messages like "Open to Pending by System." By default, users see all changes, but if disabled, these logs will be hidden.

    Enabling this option will display these task statuses in Aloware Talk.

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