Simplifying Communication with Long SMS as MMS

Aloware's new feature sends long messages as single MMS up to 1600 chars with URLs, enhancing engagement in US & Canada.

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Boosting Customer Connections with Longer Messages

In today's fast-paced world, connecting with customers effectively often means sending longer messages. Whether you need to share links, detailed info, or emojis, the usual SMS limit can be a problem. Longer messages often break into several parts, which can worsen the customer experience and increase costs.

Aloware now offers a smart solution by allowing you to send long messages as a single MMS. This method makes communication smoother and ensures your messages reach your customers as intended.

Wide Compatibility

This feature works with Short Code, Toll-Free, and A2P 10DLC sender types, making it available throughout the US and Canada. It's designed for businesses of all types looking to boost their engagement without the limits of standard SMS.

Benefits for Your Business

Standard SMS only allows for 160 characters, which isn't enough for mass messaging or when you need to share more information. Aloware's solution lets you:

  • Send up to 1600 characters in one go, without breaking your message into smaller parts.

  • Add URLs or links in your SMS, making it easy for customers to access forms, deals, or sign-up pages.

  • Use texting more effectively by sharing more information, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

Using Aloware to send longer messages as MMS can greatly enhance your messaging strategy, making sure your communication is effective and efficient.


  • Only Admins can enable the send long text message feature.

Activating Long SMS as MMS in Aloware

Aloware offers two methods to activate the feature that allows sending long text messages as MMS:

  1. Line-specific Activation - Choose and configure this feature for a specific line.

  2. Account-wide Activation - Apply this setting across your entire account for uniform functionality.

Activating for Individual Lines

To activate this feature for a specific line within your Aloware admin account:

  1. Navigate to the "Lines" section and select the desired line. Then, click on "Settings".

  2. In the "General" tab, enable "Send long text messages as MMS" and click "Save" to apply the settings.

  3. After enabling this feature, you will be able to send long messages as MMS from this specific line through Broadcast and Sequences.

Activating Across Your Account

For a broader application, enabling this feature across your entire account involves:

  1. Accessing the "Account" menu from your Aloware Admin dashboard.

  2. Go to the "General Settings" tab and activate the "Send long text messages as MMS" feature.

  3. A confirmation will appear once the update is successfully implemented, indicating that you can now send extended messages as MMS throughout your account.

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