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Frequently Asked Questions: Sending SMS and MMS
Frequently Asked Questions: Sending SMS and MMS
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Welcome to the Aloware SMS FAQs!

In this comprehensive guide, Aloware provides a wealth of information about SMS functionalities, empowering users to optimize and streamline their messaging strategies.

From sending texts, managing media files, and leveraging Smart Encoding to ensure message integrity, to exploring efficient ways of sending multiple media files (MMS), this FAQ is your ultimate resource for mastering SMS communication within Aloware. Dive in to unlock the full potential of SMS capabilities and enhance your communication effortlessly.

General Settings

  1. What is Aloware Smart Encoding?
    Aloware Smart Encoding is a new feature that smartly improves SMS messages by handling special characters, emojis, and non-English letters. It prevents messages from breaking into parts and ensures they remain easy to read.

Using Aloware for Text Messages

  1. How do I send a text message using Quick Access?

    1. Click the phone icon at the top right, then click Message to switch to messaging.

    2. Select a Line and enter your contact information.

    3. Type your message and click Send when done.

  2. How do I send a text via the Communications Page?

    1. Navigate to Communications and choose the channel (Inbox, Calls, Messages, etc.).

    2. Select a communication log, type your message in the Text tab.

    3. Choose the Line or contact's other numbers.

    4. Click "Send Text" to send the message.

  3. How can I send a text using the Contact Page?

    1. Go to Contacts and click the Message icon for the chosen contact.

    2. Follow steps 2 to 4 from the Communications Page section.

Sending Multiple Media Files (MMS) in Aloware Talk

  1. How do I send multiple media files (MMS) in Aloware Talk?

    1. Access the Communications dashboard in your Aloware Talk account.

    2. In the Inbox Task Management panel, select contacts.

    3. Choose a contact to view communication history.

    4. Click the clip icon in the message box to upload files.

    5. Select files (5MB limit for images, below 600KB for other types).

    6. Click Send Text after uploading.

  2. What details should be included when sending MMS?
    MMS should include user details and a timestamp for sending.

  3. Why use Aloware's Smart Encoding feature?
    Aloware's Smart Encoding ensures emojis don't split messages, saving costs and ensuring efficient communication.

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