Tags in Aloware Admin

Aloware Admin organizes contacts with tags (Communication, Contact, Import) and custom options for better insights and operations.

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What are Tags?

Tags in Aloware Admin are invaluable tools that allow you to categorize and segment your contacts, helping you better manage and understand their business value. Tags enable you to organize your contacts efficiently, making it easier to track their intent and identify their lead source. Here are some common examples of how tags can be used:

  1. Track Contact's Intent - Interested, Not Interested, etc.

  2. Understand Lead Source - ZoomInfo, Manual Upload, WebForm, etc.

You can use tags to:

  1. Filter the Dashboard and other tables in the app.

  2. Derive greater insights from reports.

  3. Enroll contact groups into Sequences, the Power Dialer, or Broadcasts.

  4. Filter reports, filters, communication type, etc.

    Cached data displays the number of contacts on the tags page, so we recommend clicking the red number to recalculate the data and keep it up-to-date for very large accounts.

What are the Different Tag Types?

In Aloware, you can work with various tag types to suit your needs:

  1. Communication Tags - These tags are ideal for categorizing communications such as calls, SMS, email, and fax.

  2. Contact Tags - Use these tags to categorize and organize your contacts effectively.

  3. Import Tags - Aloware automatically assigns import tags to imported contact lists for easy identification.

The Tags Page

The Tags page displays the list of available tags in your account including the following data fields:

  1. ID - This refers to the unique identification assigned to a specific tag, making it easy to distinguish between tags.

  2. Date - The date field indicates when the tag was created, offering insights into its history.

  3. Color - Tags can be assigned different colors for easy visual identification.

  4. Name - The name field corresponds to the designated label or title assigned to the tag, providing a clear reference point.

  5. Description - (optional) This field allows you to add additional information, providing a space for an explanation of the tag's purpose or context.

  6. # of Contacts- This field displays the count of communications associated with the tag, helping you understand the level of engagement with the tag.

  7. Operations - This section provides actions that an admin can perform, including assigning contacts to users or ring groups, adding tagged leads to the power dialer, enrolling contacts into sequences, and deleting tags.

    1. Contacts - This operation displays the list of contacts associated with a specific tag, allowing for easy access and management.

    2. Split - The "Splitting Tags" allows you to divide high-contact tags into smaller, manageable groups. This is useful for agents who engage in power dialing and require lists of about 50 to 150 contacts per day.
      โ€‹Key points to remember about splitting tags:

      • The split button only appears if there are more than 50 contacts associated with the tag.

      • Once split, Aloware appends a "page-x" at the end of the tag to separate it from its parent tag; the parent remains.

    3. Assign Contact - You can assign users as contact owners using Contact Tags in two ways:

      • Assign contacts by User - This will assign leads to one user or agent.

      • Assign contacts by Ring Group - This will distribute the contacts to the ring group members.

        • To assign contacts by User,

          1. Select the tag in the Tags menu and click "Assign Contact."

          2. Select the user from the list to whom you wish to assign the contact list, and then click the "Assign List" button.

          3. You can assign the same contact list to additional users from the same contact list page.

        • To assign contacts by Ring Group,

          1. Select the tags you want to use to assign contact owners.

          2. In the Ring Group section, select the desired Ring Group to assign leads. By default, unassigned contacts are assigned. Enabling an option will also assign already assigned contacts to the ring group members.

          3. Then, click the Assign button.

        • Add to Power Dialer - Add to Power Dialer adds tasks to the user's Power Dialer.

        • Enroll Contacts - This is where you can enroll contacts in a sequence.

        • Edit - This option enables you to make changes to the tag's details and properties.

        • Delete - To delete tags, click the Delete button on the right side of your selected tag. Deleting a tag will remove it from all contacts and communications.

Creating New Tags

You may need to create custom tags to further streamline your business operations. Here's how to create a new tag:

  1. Navigate to the Tags page and click the "+Add Tag" button.

  2. Provide a name for your tag, choose a color for easy identification, and select whether it's a contact tag or a communication tag.

  3. Once you're satisfied with your tag's details, click the "Add" button.

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