Supervisor Role in Aloware
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What is the Supervisor's Role?

The Supervisor role encompasses all the permissions granted to the Agent role, with added responsibilities to monitor Line and Ring Group activities, manage Lists and Sequences, and access comprehensive Reports without having control over critical admin-only features.


Only company administrators have the authority to assign the Supervisor role.

Granted Permissions of a Supervisor

  1. Aloware Admin:

    1. Lines - Supervisors can oversee all line activities.

    2. Ring Groups - They have oversight of all ring group activities.

    3. Lists - Supervisors are empowered to create, edit, and delete lists.

    4. Sequences - They have the ability to create and modify sequences.

    5. Reports - Supervisors can access detailed reports to understand performance, account usage, and more.

  2. Aloware Talk:

    1. Inbox - Supervisors can view all user communications by adjusting the Visibility settings.

    2. Contacts - After configuring Visibility settings, Supervisors can manage contacts, which includes creating, editing, assigning, modifying ring groups, and deleting them.

    3. Power Dialer - Access to the power dialer is provided.

    4. Wallboard - Supervisors can use the barge and whisper features.

    5. Calendar - They can manage calendar events, including adding, editing, and deleting.

    6. Tags - Supervisors are allowed to manage tags, including adding, editing, and deleting, and can apply actions to tags.

    7. Stats - Access to statistical data is available.

    8. Broadcasts - They can manage broadcasts, including creation, deletion, and execution.

    9. Settings - Supervisors can access various settings tabs such as General, Profile (excluding role selection), Personalization, Inbound and Outbound Call Settings, Notifications, SMS Templates, and Diagnostics.

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