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Tags in Aloware Talk: Organize Your Contacts with Ease
Tags in Aloware Talk: Organize Your Contacts with Ease
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Tags are your handy assistants in managing and sorting your contacts efficiently in Aloware Talk. By attaching tags to your contacts and communication records, you can easily categorize them based on their business value, thus simplifying communication management and interaction tracking. Let's dive into how to use these tags effectively.

Different Tag Types

  1. Communication Tags - These help you label interactions like calls, SMS, emails, and faxes. They provide a quick way to identify the nature of past communications.

  2. Contact Tags - These are assigned to individual contacts to help classify and organize them according to specific criteria, making it easier to locate and work with them.

The Tags Page

The Tags page displays the list of available tags in your account including the following data fields:

  1. ID - Refers to the unique identification assigned to a specific tag.

  2. Name - The name field corresponds to the designated label or title assigned to the tag.

  3. Date - Refers to the date of tag creation.

  4. Description - (optional) This provides a space for an additional explanation of the tag's purpose.

  5. # of Communications - Refers to the count of communications associated with the tag.

  6. Actions - Provides actions to the admin including assigning of contacts to users or ring groups, adding tagged leads to power dialer, enrolling to sequence and deletion of tags.

How to Use Tags in Aloware Talk

  1. Enrolling Contact Groups - Tags play a role in Power Dialer and Sequence enrolment. You can categorize contacts with appropriate tags, enabling you to manage your dialing lists more efficiently.

  2. Filtering Contacts and Communication Logs - Tags can also be used in filtering communication logs and contact lists. They help you quickly locate specific groups of contacts or interactions.

Creating Contact Tags

  1. In your Aloware account, navigate to the Tags menu.

  2. Click the +Add Contact Tag button.

  3. Provide tag details:

    1. Name - Contact tag's name.

    2. Color - You can assign a color for this tag.

    3. Category - Select contacts for contact tagging, or communications for interaction tagging

    4. Description - (optional) You can add the tag description within 190 characters.

  4. Click Add to save your tag.

Adding Contacts to Contact Tags

  1. After creating contact tags, navigate to the Contacts menu.

  2. Select the desired contact you want to tag.

  3. Click the contact name, then go to the "Tags" section on the right side.

  4. Click "Modify Tags."

  5. Select the applicable account tags.

  6. The tag will be automatically saved to the contact's information.

Bulk Add Contacts to Tags Using CSV Import

You can add multiple contacts to tags by importing a CSV file:

  1. Log in to your Aloware Admin account and go to the "Contacts" menu.

  2. Click the "Import Contacts" button. The Import Wizard will provide step-by-step guidance for a smooth import process.

    Read this guide to learn how to import contacts in Aloware.

  3. Add a new column in your CSV file dedicated to "Tags." Assign your contacts to your preferred tag names in this column.

  4. You can also assign the tag from the Import Wizard when you reach the Review Data step.

  5. Once you've made these updates, proceed to import the CSV file. The Import Wizard will provide feedback on the process.

  6. Once done, you will see the logs of the Import as "Import (User name) on (Line, if assigned) at (date) (time).

Enrolling Tagged Contacts to Sequences

  1. On the tags page, click the three-dot menu.

  2. Select +Enroll Contacts.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow to select from the available Sequence list.

  4. Remember that contacts already in a sequence or with DNC status won't be enrolled.

  5. Contacts within large groups might take some time to enroll.

  6. Click the Enroll Contacts button.

  7. Verify the enrollment in the Sequence menu of your Aloware Admin account.

Enrolling Multiple Tagged Contacts to Sequence

  1. To enroll multiple tags in Sequence, select the box of the tags you wish to enroll in the sequence.

  2. Click the Enroll Contacts. Then, follow the steps 3 to 7 in enrolling the tagged contacts.

Enrolling Tagged Contacts to Power Dialer

  1. Click the three-dot menu and select Add to Power Dialer.

  2. Select the User and Power Dialer List to add the contacts.

  3. Additional settings,

    1. Push Contacts to - Select whether to add contacts at the bottom or top of the list.

    2. Turn multiple numbers into separated tasks - For contacts with multiple numbers, they'll be added as separate tasks.

    3. Prevent duplicate phone numbers

    4. Add international phone numbers

  4. Click the Add Tasks button.

  5. Verify the contacts in the Power Dialer menu.

Enrolling Multiple Tags to Power Dialer

  1. To enroll multiple tags to the Power Dialer, select the box of the tags you wish to add to the Power Dialer.

  2. Click the Add to Power Dialer. Then, follow steps 2 to 5 in enrolling the tagged contacts.

Deleting Tags in Bulk

  1. Select the tags you want to delete or click the box next to the ID to select all.

  2. Click "Delete."

  3. Note that deleting tags will remove them from all contacts and communications.

Assigning Contact owners in Contact Tags

You can assign users as contact owners using Contact Tags in two ways:

  1. Assign contacts by User - This will assign leads to one user or agent.

  2. Assign contacts by Ring Group - This will distribute the contacts to the ring group members.

To assign contacts by User,

  1. Select the tag or tags you want to use to assign contact owners.

  2. A pop-up will appear. In the Users tab, click the drop-down arrow and select the user you want to assign the leads to.

    • Note that by default, this only applies to unassigned contacts. Enabling this option will also assign already assigned contacts to the selected user.

  3. Click the Assign button.

To assign tagged leads in bulk,

  1. Select the box next to the tags you want to use for bulk assignment.

  2. Click the Assign Contacts button.

  3. Follow steps 2 and 3 from the individual tag-assigning process.

To assign contacts by Ring Group,

  1. Select the tags you want to use to assign contact owners.

  2. In the Ring Group section, click the drop-down arrow and select the desired Ring Group to assign the leads to.

    • Similar to the previous options, the default behavior is to assign unassigned contacts. Enabling an option will also assign already assigned contacts to the ring group members.

  3. Then, click the Assign button.

Creating Communication Tags

  1. In your Aloware Talk account, navigate to the Tags menu.

  2. In the Communication Tags tab, click the +Add Communication Tag button.

  3. Provide details of the following:

    1. Name - Assign a name to the communication tag.

    2. Color - You can assign a color to distinguish the tag.

    3. Category - Select Communications for engagement-related tagging.

    4. Description - (optional) You can include a tag description within 190 characters.

  4. Click the Add button to save your newly created tag.

  5. Your new communication tag should be displayed on the Tags page.

Tagging Communications in Aloware Talk

Once you've created your communication tags, follow these steps to tag communications in Aloware Talk:

  1. Navigate to the Communications menu.

  2. Select a communication (call, text, or fax) from the Inbox statuses (Open, Pending, Closed).

  3. Click the arrow down for the selected communication.

  4. Find the Tags section and click "+Add Tags."

  5. Select the appropriate account tags. You can add multiple tags as needed.

  6. The selected tag will be automatically saved.

To verify the communication tag,

  1. Go to the Tags menu, and navigate to the tag you want to verify the communications to.

  2. Click the redirect button under the Actions column.

  3. You will be redirected to the Communications menu, and select the contact you want to verify.

  4. The associated communication will be displayed on the communication box.

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