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A Guide to Creating and Applying Communication Tags in Aloware Talk
A Guide to Creating and Applying Communication Tags in Aloware Talk
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Communication tags in Aloware Talk offer a straightforward way to organize and manage your interactions efficiently. By tagging your communications—whether calls, texts, or faxes—you can categorize them into specific groups related to your engagement strategies.

This organization aids in quickly identifying relevant communications and improves the management of your follow-ups.

Creating Communication Tags

  1. In your Aloware Talk account, navigate to the Tags menu.

  2. In the Communication Tags tab, click the +Add Communication Tag button.

  3. Provide details of the following:

    1. Name - Assign a name to the communication tag.

    2. Color - You can assign a color to distinguish the tag.

    3. Category - Select Communications for engagement-related tagging.

    4. Description - (optional) You can include a tag description within 190 characters.

  4. Click the Add button to save your newly created tag.

  5. Your new communication tag should be displayed on the Tags page.

Tagging Communications in Aloware Talk

Once you've created your communication tags, follow these steps to tag communications in Aloware Talk:

  1. Go to the Communications menu and select a communication type (call, text, or fax) from the Inbox statuses (Open, Pending, Closed).

  2. Click the arrow down, find the Tags section, and click "+Add Tags."

  3. Choose the appropriate tags; they will be saved automatically.

To verify the communication tag,

  1. Navigate to the Tags menu and locate the desired tag.

  2. Click the redirect button under the Actions column.

  3. In the Communications menu, select the contact you want to verify.

  4. The associated communications will be displayed in the communication box.

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