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Tracking Statistics in Aloware Talk: A Beginner's Guide
Tracking Statistics in Aloware Talk: A Beginner's Guide
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The Agent Stats tab in Aloware Talk offers a comprehensive dashboard view of performance metrics, allowing users to track and monitor their progress toward business goals.

With Aloware, you have the flexibility to create customized metric groups based on a variety of metrics, such as call type, call time and duration, SMS type, email type, and more.

The Stats Page

The Stats page has the following functions:

  1. Refresh - update the metrics with the latest data.

  2. Date filter - Filter the metrics based on the specific date range.

Metrics in Aloware Talk

You can select from the following metrics in Aloware Talk:

  1. Call Types

    • All Activity - All types of call activity.

    • All Calls - All incoming and outgoing calls.

    • All Qualified Calls - Calls with a duration of more than 2 minutes.

    • Answered Calls - Calls that were answered by the contact.

    • All Missed Calls - Calls that were not unanswered.

    • All Abandoned Calls - Calls that were abandoned.

    • All Voicemails - Voicemail messages received.

    • Inbound Calls - represents incoming calls.

    • Qualified Inbound Calls - Inbound calls with a duration of more than 2 minutes.

    • Outbound Calls - represents outgoing calls.

    • Qualified Outbound Calls - Outbound calls with a duration of more than 2 minutes.

  2. Call Time and Durations

    • Average Duration - The average length of each call.

    • Total Duration - The total duration of all calls.

    • Total Talk Time - The total time spent on active conversations.

    • Average Talk Time - The average duration of conversations.

    • Average Wait Time - The average time callers spent waiting before the call was answered.

    • Total Wait Time - The total time callers spend waiting.

  3. SMS Types

    • All SMS - All incoming and outgoing text messages.

    • Inbound SMS - Incoming text messages.

    • Outbound SMS - Outgoing text messages.

  4. Email Types

    • All Emails - All incoming and outgoing emails.

    • Inbound Emails - Incoming emails.

    • Outbound Emails - Outgoing emails.

  5. Other Communication Types

    • All Faxes - All incoming and outgoing faxes.

    • Inbound Faxes - Incoming faxes.

    • Outbound Faxes - Outgoing faxes.

    • Appointments - Scheduled appointments.

    • Reminders - Reminder notifications.

  6. Contact Dispositions

    • New

    • Open

    • In Progress

    • Open Deal

    • Unqualified

    • Attempted to Contact

    • Connected

    • Bad Timing

Creating Metric Groups

To create a new metric group,

  1. Click the "+ Add Metric Group" button on the upper right to create a new metric group.

  2. Click on the pencil icon to name the metric group list e.g., "Calls".

  3. To add metrics to the group, click on the "+Add Metric" button within the metric group.

  4. A modal pop-up will appear, allowing you to select the desired metric properties.

  5. You can assign a status to each metric within the group by choosing a corresponding color:

    1. Blue for Success

    2. Red for Warning

    3. Black for Default

  6. Feel free to add multiple metrics to your Metric Group to capture the data you need.

Rearranging Metric Groups

If you wish to change the order of your Metric Group list, simply hover your mouse over the lower-right side of the metrics group list bar.

Then, click on the three-bar menu icon and move the group to your desired sequence.

Deleting Metric Group Lists

  1. To remove a Metric Group list, hover your mouse over the upper-right corner of the metrics group list bar and click on the "X" button.

  2. Confirm the deletion by clicking on Remove, and a notification will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen.

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