Generating Reports in Aloware

Aloware reports provide insights into communication activities, including calls, texts, emails, and faxes.

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Reports in Aloware are an essential tool that provides admins with valuable insights to monitor activities, track growth, and make well-informed decisions.

To access the Report page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu.

  2. Click on the settings icon and select the features you want to include in the report.

  3. A tab will appear with the selected features, and the active report on the dashboard is highlighted in green.

    • Lines - This includes information about individual lines used for communication. You can view details related to line activities and performance.

    • Users - This will show user-specific data in the report. You will be able to see insights related to individual users' interactions and engagement.

    • Broadcasts - This will provide information about the activity of your broadcast messages, including text messages and ringless voicemails, as well as failed messages. Failed messages occur when messages cannot be sent because the phone number is a landline.

    • Call and Contact Dispositions - Call Dispositions allow you to review call outcomes, while Contact Dispositions offer insights into contact interactions, aiding in categorization and evaluation.

    • Compliance - This displays compliance-related data in the report. You can monitor the daily count of Complete, Failed, and Total outbound SMS/MMS. You can group the data by date or by specific line.

    • Ring Groups - Offers insights into how calls are managed within specific ring groups. You can also assess the distribution of calls among groups.

    • Sequences - This adds information sequences, allowing you to track the progress and success rates of your automated sequences of actions.

    • Contacts - Find the total contacts in lines and users. See metrics like New Contacts and DNC contacts.

    • CSAT- This provides the CSAT survey results of customers to your agents.

Report Table Metrics

The report table presents several metrics for different communication channels and activities:

  1. All Activity - represents all types of activities.

  2. All Calls - includes all calls made.

    • All Qualified Calls - refers to calls that meet specific qualifications.

    • All Missed Calls - represents all calls that were missed.

    • All Abandoned Calls - covers all calls that were abandoned or not answered.

    • Inbound Calls - represents incoming calls.

    • Qualified Inbound Calls - refers to inbound calls that last for 2 minutes or more.

    • Outbound Calls - represents outbound calls.

    • Qualified Outbound Calls - refers to outbound calls that last for 2 minutes or more.

  3. Call Duration - This metric offers insights into the length of individual calls.

    • Average Duration - It represents the mean duration of calls.

      Average Call Duration = Total Duration in seconds / All Calls

    • Total Duration - The sum of all call durations.

    • Average Talk Time - This metric indicates the average time spent in conversation during calls. Average Talk Time = Total Talk Time in seconds / Total Calls (All Calls)

    • Total Talk Time - The cumulative time spent in active conversation.

    • Average Wait Time - This metric represents the average time that callers must wait before their calls are answered. Average Wait Time = Total Wait Time in seconds / Total Calls

    • Total Wait Time - The aggregate amount of time callers have spent waiting for their calls to be answered.

  4. Text Messages - Covers all text message activities.

    • All Text Messages - represents all text messages sent or received.

    • Inbound Text Messages - represents incoming text messages.

    • Outbound Text Messages - represents outgoing text messages.

  5. Emails - displays information related to email activities.

    • All Emails - represents all emails sent or received.

    • Inbound Emails - represents incoming emails.

    • Outbound Emails - represents outgoing emails.

  6. Faxes - presents data on fax activities.

    • All Faxes - represents all faxes sent or received.

    • Inbound Faxes - represents incoming faxes.

    • Outbound Faxes - represents outgoing faxes.

  7. Other Engagement Features - includes metrics such as

    • Appointments - covers metrics related to appointments.

    • Reminders - includes metrics related to reminders.

Downloading Reports

Aloware allows you to download reports in various file formats including PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, and CSV. This flexibility enables you to access and share reports conveniently.

Customizing and Exporting Table Data

Customize the displayed data in the table by selecting specific data points of interest. You can export the table data through the Accounts > Exports section.

The table data includes the following fields:

  1. Exported by - indicates the user who initiated the report.

  2. Requested at - shows the date and time when the export was requested.

  3. Report Type - specifies the type of the report being exported.

  4. Status - indicates the current status of the export, whether it is in progress or completed.

  5. Operations - provides two options, to download or to delete, for managing the exported data.

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