How to Compute the Average Talk Time
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The Importance of Average Talk Time in Customer Service

Are you looking for a way to improve customer service operations and ensure customer satisfaction?
One metric you should be tracking is Average Talk Time. Aloware can help you calculate this metric by dividing the total talk time across all calls by the number of calls handled by your agents.

Aloware calculates this metric by dividing the total talk time across all calls by the number of calls handled.

Why is tracking Average Talk Time so important?

Businesses need to track Average Talk Time actively because it can either indicate customer frustration and reduced satisfaction with a high Average Talk Time or rushed calls with a low Average Talk Time.

But that's not all!

Tracking Average Talk Time can help you identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your operations. For example, consistently high Average Talk Time for some agents may indicate the need for additional training or coaching. Significant variations in Average Talk Time across different teams or shifts may suggest a need for changes in call routing or resource allocation.

How to Manually Compute the Average Talk Time

To calculate the Average Talk Time,

  1. Navigate to the Reports menu and select from the Table Settings the Total Talk Time and Total Calls.

  2. The Total Talk Time is currently in hh:mm:ss format. Use an Hours-to-Seconds Converter to convert the Total Talk Time to seconds.

  3. Once you have the Total Talk Time in seconds, use the following formula to get the Average Talk Time:

Average Talk Time = Total Talk Time in seconds / Total Calls (All Calls)

  • For example, if you have a Total Call of 79 and a Total Talk Time of 01:22:06.

  • Convert the Total Talk Time to seconds (4,926 seconds). Then divide it by the Total Calls (79).

    Average Talk Time = 4,926 seconds / 79 total calls

  • The result (62.35 seconds) is the Average Talk Time. Convert it back to the hh:mm:ss format using an Hours to Seconds Converter.

  • You can now check the Reports page to verify your calculations and track your Average Talk Time over time.

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