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Streamline calls: Set availability, wrap-up, recordings, music, masking, retention for business efficiency & compliance.

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In the fast world of business, clear communication is key to success. Let's look at how the latest call settings can help businesses talk better, serve customers faster, and keep everything running smoothly.

Users can configure settings for incoming, outgoing, and wrap-up calls, such as forcing users to always be available and defining wrap-up duration.

  1. User and Agent Status Management

    1. Force Users to Always Available - Automatically set all users' statuses to Available, removing their ability to manually change to Busy/Break. Admins can still control agents' statuses on the Wallboard.

  2. After-Call Work Management

    1. Wrap-up Duration - This is the time a user spends on after-call work (ACW) after concluding an interaction with a customer.

    2. Force Wrap-Up Settings - Enforce a specific account wrap-up duration setting on all users to maintain consistency.

  3. Call Recording Configuration

    1. Inbound Call Recordings

      • Use Line Default - Applies whatever setting is configured in the Line.

      • Always Record - Overrides Line settings to always record the call.

      • Never Record - Overrides Line settings to never record the call.

    2. Outbound Call Recordings - Enforce call recording for all outbound calls by default, with individual agent settings configured accordingly.

      • Use Line Default - Force account outbound call recording settings on all users.

      • Always Record - Overrides Line settings to always record the call.

      • Never Record - Overrides Line settings to never record the call.

    3. Force Outbound Call Recording Settings - Restrict agents from altering call recording settings.

  4. Outbound Call Handling

    1. Default Outbound Line - Select an outbound line for your calls, or allow agents to configure this setting in their profiles.

    2. Wait for Voice - Enable or disable agents from hearing "Connecting..." at the beginning of outbound calls.

    3. Force Outbound Line Settings - Restrict agents from overriding these configurations.

    4. Force Call Disposition (Beta) and Force Contact Disposition - Enabling this option will make the wrap-up timer paused, back button, callback, and agent status dropdown will be locked until the agent disposes of the call.

    5. Call Recording Channels - Enabling dual-channel recording for calls will save the audio into two separate channels based on the source or speaker. For example, on a standard two-person phone call, a dual-channel recording would record the caller and the contact separately on the same audio recording.

  5. Compliance and Security

    1. Call Masking - Enable to utilize the lead's phone number for all transfers, both inbound and outbound.

    2. Call records retention duration - Enables billing admin to adjust call recording retention and deletion settings, offering options for indefinite retention, line-specific settings, and timed deletions (10, 30, 60 days), ensuring compliance and storage optimization. Changes at the account level apply to all lines unless the 'Follow Line's Setting' is selected.

  6. User Experience Enhancements

    1. Hold Music - Customize the hold music for the entire account here. Leave it blank to use our default hold music.

    2. Notification Sound of Fishing Mode - When activating Fishing Mode, you have the option to enable a sound for incoming calls. When the Normal Ring is enabled, incoming calls will make a single notification sound or ring like a normal call.

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