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Aloware: Customize appointments, leads, SMS reminders, auto-assign & block unwanted comms for streamlined contact management.

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Aloware introduces a suite of contact settings designed to simplify the management of appointments, leads, and contact ownership. These settings offer customizable options to ensure that every interaction with your contacts is handled efficiently and according to your preferences.

Adjust preferences for appointments, leads, and new lead recipients.

  1. Appointment Recipients

    Specify users who should receive email copies of all appointments created in Aloware.

  2. Lead Recipients

    Set up Aloware to forward leads received through API, email processor, or other methods to an email address of your choice.

  3. Default Contact Date Filter

    Sort your contacts by engagement or creation date.

  4. Auto Assign Contact

    Assign contacts automatically.

    • Enable the auto-assignment setting to automatically assign new contacts according to set rules. This means when a new contact is added, they are automatically assigned to the first person who starts a conversation with them, following these rules.

      If you change the auto-assignment setting later, it won't affect contacts that have already been assigned, keeping your records organized and clear.

    • Turning off "auto-assign contact" lets an admin manually choose a default contact owner in the account settings. Then, any new contacts are assigned to this default owner, not the person currently using the system, providing flexibility in how contacts are managed.

    • For SMS, if a private line is used, the contact is assigned to the line's owner. If a public line (like IVR or ring group) is used, the contact is only assigned if they reply to the message.

    • If the contact is enrolled in the sequence, it will auto-assign the contact to the agent who will take the first outbound call.

  5. SMS Reminder Functions

    Configure settings for SMS reminders, including default text, use of personal lines, timing, and send-before days.

    • SMS Reminder Enabled - Turn on or off SMS reminders with the "SMS Reminder Enabled" setting.

    • SMS reminder default text - Create a default message for appointment reminders that will be sent to your contacts.

    • SMS reminders use a personal line

      • When enabled, if the user doesn't have a personal line, the system will automatically use an active number in the 'Send From' field when adding an appointment.

      • If the user already has a personal line assigned, the 'Send From' field stays the same in the Add Appointment modal.

      • If disabled, the admin can assign an active line specifically for appointment setting in the SMS reminder default line field.

    • SMS reminder default time - Specify the time for sending appointment reminder messages to your contacts.

    • SMS reminder default send before days - Define the number of days before an appointment when the reminder message should be sent.

  6. New Lead Settings

    1. Default

    2. Treat existing contacts re-added to platform as new leads

  7. Reject and Archive Communications From Blocked Contacts

    This feature allows admin users to prevent calls and messages from blocked contacts from reaching the user's line. It ensures that communications from blocked contacts do not appear in the dashboard call logs or reports. Note that this does not apply to fax numbers and email communications.

    • When enabled, calls and messages from blocked contacts are immediately rejected, ensuring they do not disturb the user. These communications are excluded from call logs and SMS reports, maintaining clean and relevant data dashboards.

    • When disabled, calls from blocked contacts appear in the dashboard as "Abandoned Inbound Calls," and efforts are made to include SMS messages in reports, aiming for a comprehensive communication log.

  8. Mark All Contacts as Read Option

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